Male Bedroom Design: Instructions For The Setting Up Of The Bedroom In A Bachelor Apartment

male bedroom design white linen bed ChairMale bedroom design

The gender differences in design are always interesting. The male taste but can not be associated in a category. However, there are some similarities, especially in singles, which differ in the design completely by the female style of furnishing. These similarities are even more evident at bachelors because her style often not by another person is influenced.

Nicole Hollis, an interior designer from San Francisco, has noticed that the men have a special vocabulary for their wishes. The conversation is always car design – fine leather, hand-wrought wood, unique seamless transitions, polished metal. The feeling, the color and texture are also named, and also technological design, such as the minimalist look of the iPad.

Men are often on business trips. So, their idea for a bedroom just resembles the rooms in the best luxury hotel, where they have stayed. Often, they require the same design at home.

And that is a good starting point. The hotel apartments are bright, have great beds and minimalist design, bringing efficiency, practicality and functionality – masculine design elements.

The design by Hollis in this bedroom for a travelling Bachelor reminiscent the hotel apartments in Europe, where he has stayed on business trips. Minimalist design is softened by a gentle headboard, a specially made bed of oak, and white Cowhide rug. The practical luggage carriers are there at the end of the bed for the case of the owner.

Bring great beds and minimalist design, efficiency, practicality and functionality

male bedroom design bed grey wall covering

The designer of Shirley chisel thinks that flatness of desired on the part of men to are softened just a bit. That has made them also in establishing this Bachelor apartment in Toronto. A blanket and some pillows allow appear comfortable and convenient to the bedroom. The House should have really soft elements.

Men prefer grey bed linen

male bedroom design bed lamp nightstand pillow bedding image grey

Chair: Design Within Reach; Bed: special licence; Carpet: ELTE

Notes for Bachelors, who set up her bedroom

Based on your lifestyle. An interior designer would start at the beginning with an interview, to understand how it is. You travel a lot? Are you working in night shifts? You need thick curtains? In the bed to watch TV? See early morning the news on television? So, the establishment and the focus – be determined elements in the bedroom.

These colors, textures, and pieces of furniture are typical for Bachelors

male bedroom design bed blue bedding nightstand

Don’t be selfish. How long are you planning to live alone? This question relates to women. When setting up a space, you should consider with whether another person also can sleep and fit as the space for his or her style. Should a room high levels there be? Should the closet be greater than? Do you need more space in the bathroom? The colors, textures and furniture pieces for other people will be also acceptable?

Cushion: Ralph Lauren home

Stick to neutral colors

male bedroom design bed lamp night table

Stick to neutral colors. Men feel more comfortable in the white-grey-black palette. Bring color to a piece of art or accessories and not with an accent wall in red in the bedroom. Watch the balance of neutral colors. Black and grey can be really hot in a bedroom, for a softer look, take natural materials as linen, wool, and natural stone.

Mirror, bedside tables, bed, lamps, carpet: High fashion home

Many young men travel often and stay at home not so much

male bedroom design bed picture lamp night table

Do not save on the mattress. Many young men travel often and stay at home, not so much. A quiet and comfortable bedrooms but is of first priority. Of course, you need to spend not much money for a Queen size mattress. Invest in your sleep.

It worth ideas such as TV systems and screens attached to the ceiling to reflect on built-in wall cabinets

male bed room design grey bed Desk Chair

Plan your audiovisual devices. The Bachelors often wish that the devices are integrated in the bedroom design. TV or game console disturb sleep but, therefore can take off easily the devices.

It worthwhile ideas like TV cabinets to consider built-in wall systems and screens attached to the ceiling.

Men have more collections than women – surfboards, vintage guitars, stereo equipment and old cameras

male bedroom design wood flooring guitar Desk Chair

Arrange exhibitions. Men more collections than women – have surfboards, vintage guitars, stereo equipment and old cameras – and they want it like to exhibit. Forget not to think about how you can integrate your collection in the design of the room.

Wooden furniture perfectly suited to the male room

male bedroom design bed carpet Chair Cabinet

Think of the functionality. Men want to have a place for everything. Sockets next to the bed for the mobile phones and other devices. A place for the remote on the bedside table and large chests of drawers and closets for clothing.

The male House is as one determined yet where that will be shoes, and then remains programmed – at the beginning of it.

Hollis has set up this space for a young doctor. He does night shift and needs a dark room, where he can sleep during the day.  Room-high curtains, a dark brown sisal carpets and warm wood help.

Carpet: Stark Carpet; Curtains: Martin Kobus; Chest of drawers: restoration hardware. Suspension lamp: Leucos; Bed: special licence

Pictures of Ben Mayorga

Nicole Hollis, Shirley Meisels, Frances Bailey, Mikel Irastorza, MN design by Mauricio Nava, Chicago luxury beds, Benning Design Associates