Chic Bed – Goodbye You Boring Bed!

chic bed pillows beddingChic bed – goodbye you boring bed!

Looking for the bed of your dreams? Leave the ordinary frame through the below displayed brilliant ideas.

We all know that a bed must be absolutely comfortable. But it must be also inviting. At the end of a long working day, you should feel In bed as on a haven from the busy day.

Certainly, this is not an exaggeration, because you spend one-third of the day there! The bed should be so beautifully comforting. For you, it must be very cool to jump. It must be as magical as a flying carpet from your dreams.

The holder of the following beds feel about as likely.

Warning: The content now can make to sleepy!

The bed in the form of a network is simply ideal for Oakland, California and the house owner Jody Brettkelly. She wanted to have a bed like a tree house. She lets this room and enjoy your husband the views of San Fracisco, the branches of Magniolias and the clouds. The bed is made up of refined rattan. The permeable character can appear light and airy.

The couple has the room deliberately especially snuck equipped. They have two children – 9 and 15 years old. Both parents work full time. You want to have a stress and clutter-free space.

Except of the bed of the company Kenneth Cobonpue, the room offers only items of the company of Roche Bobois. And this bed? Even Brad Pitt sleep in one!

Relax in this comfortable bed

inviting chic bed linen chandelier grey wall wood cabinet pillow

This bed is custom-made for men. They exist only in the dreams. For this reason, the designer has Brian Dittmar this project created for the Exhibition San Francisco Decorator Showcase. His task was to create a measure designed rooms, where everything manually elaborated. He collaborates with the metal artist Paul Benson.

Are you still looking for an inviting bed?

chic bed linens

For a real client, he would choose a King Size mattress. Because of the size of the bed must be adapted to the size of the room. The bed should be fit for a King. But Dimitar has opt for smaller mass.

Do you love nature?

chic bed tree bedding pillow branches

Do you love nature? So the woman, which made this bed for their customers. Tiina Anttila is designs from Lumme from a rural area of Finland. But then, she spent much of her life in the jungles of concrete – New York City and then to Helsinki. She wanted to live back in the Woods and sleep.

The beds are made of birch, ash or mahogany. The posts are cut into Apple trees with laser. You can buy also a wallpaper with prints of the same actress.

The beds of birch, ash or mahogany look wonderful with a linen with floral motifs

chic bed floral motifs linen carpet wood

Actually, Anita could create a fabulous forest of figures. You used it throughout the materials of linen, silk and cotton.

Girls love flower pattern in the bedroom

chic bed floral motifs bedding

This bed is for teens who want to achieve an eclectic and upscale style. That is the opinion of the Interior Designer amber Clore from Orlando, Florida, Sanford.

A colorful bed ensures your well-being

chic bed brightly patterned lamp bed headboard, spotted

She has made the headboard here overly high to provide a great focal point. Otherwise, the room would look badly proportioned.

She tells other things about working with the head part. This must be centered on the wall or architectural element. That could be about a pole, a pillar or a window.

A floating bed is proving to be a stunning solution for good relaxation

chic bed blue floating pillow shelves

If you sleep on such a raised bed, it’s like all year round in the summer. You can swing and sleep. According to the company professional construction solutions, having fixed the back part with hinges to the wall. You can put away the bed covers and roll them up against the wall. However, it must be pointed out that this bed is not in the bedroom.

Canopy hides your dreams at night

chic bed bed canopy retired

Sleep once in this poster and you will feel Mediterranean in North Africa or the South. Through the vivid blue frame of thin curtains, you feel like in an exotic place.

The owners are exceptionally large, tells the designer Laura Umansky. The canopy was accordingly higher and the bed – made longer. For such a bed, you need high ceilings. Otherwise, the bed will engulf the room, she says.

The bed opposite the entrance should be according to the designer. However, one must take into account also the Windows and the doors.

This Schlafzimmerinterior reminds of the Orientale

chic bed carpet cushion patterned Chair blue

How reassuring! So a bed is perfect for the people who like to relax and meditate. Inside, it was padded like a jewel box. The development is the company of création Baumann.

The exterior is 100% gold leaf. And Yes, these lamps in the shape of butterflies. The round speaker plays fine music.

The lighting is here

chic bed lighting round

I would like to tell, but I must go to sleep! You probably also, Yes?

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