Unique Bathtub – Designs You Do Not Know Yet!

Many homeowners dream of luxury bathtubs that are real rarity. The good news is that, thanks to globalization, it is now possible to order design pieces that have not yet become popular and commercial. In today’s article, our editors want to look at two types of luxurious and atypical bathtubs. The designs provide a highly attractive look from afar. If you love glass furniture then our first idea will provide the perfect inspiration for you. Glass optics seems to be a leading trend in 2018. Our second design bathtub is one of the most elegant and super modern bathroom fixtures because the design is considered unique by many designers. Learn more in the following points!

Luxurious glass bathtub with an attractive look

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Bathtub made of glass!

If you have a definite preference for elegant things in life, then we are quite sure that you like the following idea. You do not see a glass bathtub every day, so it’s worth taking a closer look at each model. The design pieces are made of 100% glass, resulting in a superior transparent look.

The model presents the term bathing in a very different way compared to conventional designs. Perfect lines and transparent walls support the unique bathtub while improving the bathing experience in it.

The design of glass provides a unique look

Hammock Bathtub Design (2)

The glass bathtubs do not have a uniform design, but a rich selection of creative forms. The individual variants differ by the floor design, the size and the lying position. These three criteria can be designed according to your own taste.

Apart from the fact that the sides are made of glass, you may want a different floor design. There are those made of wood and metal in different colors full of appeal. But when it comes to creative floor design goes, designers have projected a variety of alternatives. The first idea is the positioning of small stones lying under the bathtub. Thus, the floor design of the bathtub provides a unique look, which is clearly visible through the glass.

Enjoy your bathing experience

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The hammock – bath

Everyone knows the feeling of being able to relax in a hammock and enjoy their leisure time perfectly. And almost everyone knows the comfort when immersing in the bathroom. Now imagine that these two types of relaxation can be combined. Unbelievable, right? The hammock bath brings creativity and design to a whole new level. Thanks to the floating structure, the bathtub ensures an atypical positioning. Or rather, the structure does not touch the ground and with the help of stainless steel brackets the stability is optimally planned. The bath is filled with water by means of a tap and a floor drain under the construction ensures drainage.

A new symbol of luxury

Hammock Bathtub Design (8)

The elegant shape has a high number of curves and therefore the design is made of carbon fiber. This building material is used for the specific production of design pieces. An important advantage is that there is a foam core under the carbon fiber layers. This allows for optimal insulation of the hammock bath and keeps the water hot longer than normal.

The sewage system under the bathtub

Hammock bathtubs are also available in several colors. Black is considered by many design lovers to be the best color for design, but the alternatives should not be underestimated. Bronze or pure silver are among the luxurious color combinations of this product. The curvy shape in white provides a relaxing bathing experience and looks visually like an eye-catcher.

Bathtubs that sweep along and quickly become an eye-catcher improve every bathroom fixture. Our goal is to provide the perfect inspiration and for this reason we would like to introduce the following picture gallery. Here you will find a mix of many ideas and can draw new inspiration for your own bathroom design!

Creativity and elegance in one

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Freestanding glass bathtub. Clever, right?

Design glass bathtub (2)

Design glass bathtub (9)

The eye-catcher in the bathroom

Hammock Bathtub Design (6)

Design glass bathtub (8)

Enjoy the design of carbon fibers

Hammock Bathtub Design (5)

Glass look in the bathroom!

Design glass bathtub (6)

Hammock Bathtub Design (4)

A high number of elegant curves

Design glass bathtub (5)

Hammock Bathtub Design (3)

Spa experience thanks to the elegant shape

Design glass bathtub (3)

Hammock Bathtub Design (10)

More freedom while bathing

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Comfort and perfect bathing experience!

Design glass bathtub (2)

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Unique charisma!

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