Small Bathroom Space-saving Set Up -25 Ideas

Millions of people are looking for a larger bathroom with a bathtub, elegant shelves and a stylish look. But most have a small bathroom. And the small bathroom could not provide all these extras. For this reason, people are forced to design a practical and rather space-saving bathroom furniture. But that does not always have to be this way. Our editors would like to introduce some practical tips for small bathrooms that meet your wishes. Learn more details on how to strategically set up a small bathroom.

It is important that you use the whole area strategically. A mirror or flower pot is placed more and more often at the window.

A small bathroom offers many elegant design options, such as clever use of the windows. It is no secret that lighting design is of great importance to people. When it comes to decorating your small bathroom, space optimization is an important priority. In this context, you can use this area cleverly and place important items there.

In the first place, a mirror can be perfectly positioned on the wall next to the window. This gives the small bathroom more visual depth and makes the room look elegant. The small plant pots are suitable as a practical and beautiful decoration, which is often placed on the edge of the window. Use this area in any case!

The natural and artificial light design are among the most important factors for the small bathroom.

Place the bathtub cleverly – how are you?

If you want to have a nice bathtub despite the small area in the bathroom, then you should use strategic tips. An example of this would be the integrated shelves intended for the towels and cosmetics. The perfect place for an integrated shelf according to experts on the wall above the bathtub. So you use this wall optimally and gain even more space for your bathtub. The floor to ceiling shelves are also considered a clever trick when it comes to lack of space. Behind the toilet, the space is often left empty. But in this case, it’s about a clever bathroom furniture and this idea is considered optimal. The clever tips offer the possibility to place a normal size bathtub and to have a pure sense of relaxation!

More and more integrated shelves are being modernized with LEDs

The double sinks are a clever solution if they are designed with a base cabinet. To gain even more space for your bathroom utensils!

Integrated shelves can also be elegantly hidden

The plant pots at the edge of the window also secure your privacy

The mirror reflection shows the integrated shelf. More and more people are choosing this interior design idea!

The optimal lighting design is very important for the small bathroom.

A large shower or large bath would not be a problem for a small bathroom. It depends on the clever interior design.

Try to save as much space as possible and position a shelf just above the toilet.

Setting up a small bathroom – the room-high shelves offer many advantages.

The integrated shelves play an important role in the design of the small bathroom

Do not forget the decoration!

The positioning of the bathtub is based on your design ideas.

In the small bathroom a relaxing feeling should prevail.

Under the sink, the most important utensils are positioned.

At the edge of the window decorative items can be positioned