Plan Baths And Shower Trays In The Bathroom Equipment Optimally

Relaxation is now defined as a luxury product. Tour operators and hotels have special offers around the spa experience and recreation. But why do we have to treat them only when we are on vacation? Bath tubs and shower trays make our bath a spa. But how do we choose suitable models and integrate them into the bathroom furniture? Follow our step-by-step guide.

Bathtubs are the highlight in a homely atmosphere

Bathtubs next to the window

Bathtub and shower trays that fit your lifestyle

Do you know the following situation? You invest a lot in a piece of furniture or a facility and then use it little or not at all. That happens when yours lifestyle not optimal. Bathtubs are the center of the bathroom furniture.

They are determinative of these in many ways. Minimalists could opt for an iconic and timeless design. In the first case, the shower or bath is highlighted as a highlight against a seamless modern backdrop. In the second, it disappears into neutral background and the ambience is thus particularly broad and modern. With these two strategies you can create a characterful ambiance yourself in small premises ,
If you have more room, you could fill it with Retro Romance and Glamor. Both are very current trends in bathroom design!

The positioning is optimal both from a designer and an ergonomic point of view

Bathtubs white in front of a wooden wall

The positioning

Other important questions when choosing a bathtub are: How many people and how often will the bath or shower tray be used? Where would she best be in these circumstances? Where would you enter them in the safest and most comfortable way? How do you install the bathtub so that as much of the utility and storage space as possible is available? Optimal positioning is crucial if you want to use the bathtub over the long term. The space ergonomics also strongly depends on whether one decides on a freestanding or built-in model.

The built-in model of the bathtub saves a lot of space

Bathtubs Shower trays back part of the bath

Save costs

Do you still doubt whether you would have a bath or shower tray due to the cost increase at home? That’s not always a practical argument. With good planning, the increase in the cost of the project is not really much greater. Some luxury bathroom suppliers offer free advice. They help you to combine materials and facilities in a way that meets all your needs while keeping you within budget. In addition, some people can apply for grants for the modernization of their baths. Pull at least one bill and a comparison, because in the end, this investment could prove to be particularly worthwhile.

Access to the bath is easy and there is still plenty of room to run

Bathtubs Shower trays with brown floor design

The ideal bath exists

When choosing shower and bath tubs, you do not really have to compromise. Ask yourself all the important questions, consult your ideas with a specialist and get an overview of the current trends! Take these steps and nothing can go wrong. Many great role models will also be of help. We have such in our article! Have fun browsing the editorial office!

The shape of the bathtub here was adapted to the specifics of the bath

Bathtubs on the wall. Ideas

The bathtub and the shower cubicle each define their own zone in the bathroom

bath tubs shower tubs everything i know

The area around the bathtub was highlighted by a decorative wall element

Bathtubs shower trays behind a glass wall

With its arched shape, the bathtub really stands out

Bathtubs shower trays in large rooms

From this bath you would enjoy the nature out there best

Bathtubs shower trays next to the window

Bathtubs shower trays great use of space

bathtubs freestanding white
Bathtubs idea for central positioning
Bathtubs in front of a big glass wall

The bathtub is the highlight in this room

wide shower trays and bathtubs
shower tray for optimal use of space
simple and modern bathtubs
Bathtubs built into the floor

The modern color appears very different depending on the time of day and the light

natural color gray bathtubs
room division bathtubs shower trays
rectangular design bathtubs
spa experience baths shower trays

So attractive can be a simple design!

bathing in front of a bright window
white bathtubs in a dark ambiente
zen idea bathtubs shower trays