Inspired By Nature – The Neutra Collection Stylish Bathrooms

stylish bathroom collection wood tubStylish bathroom collection of Neutra

How about diving into a bathtub in a magical atmosphere? This was achieved in the list below Neutra bathroom and achieved. You will surely enjoy their elegant style.

Enjoy these ideas for the bathroom

stylish bathroom collection white sink stair

Neutra’s new collection looks really close to nature, with its unique pieces of furniture. The modern designs combine the purity of the water, the energy of the stones and the warmth of wood.

Water, stone and wood

stylish bathroom collection wood floating table

Says it all to you?  The engine of this products seems to be the nature and it makes a unique experience for you while bathing. All furniture were built of stone, wood and aluminium. This includes also the sink, the bathroom, the shelves and the shower.

Unique pieces of furniture

stylish bathroom collection wood table Chair

You provoke the feeling for nature and a holistic atmosphere. They are seductive to inside!

All furniture were built of stone, wood and aluminium

stylish bathroom collection chandelier sink marble

Stand on many new regenerating designers ideas for the bathroom? Then you are exactly right here! Have fun watching!

A Chair made from bamboo

The floors and the walls are made of wood stylish bathroom collection bamboo of stylish bathroom collection wood floors bathtub stylish bathroom collection wood sink this table is close to nature Neutra’s new collection looks really naturalstylish bathroom collection tubthe dark grey wall contrasts with the white wash bathroom collection black wallthese ideas are inspired by the nature bathroom collection purgeBlack bathroom collection Chair black rinsewood creates an atmosphere of rural bathroom collection tray