Find The Best Bathtub Among All Sorts For Your Own Bathroom!

Creating a wellness oasis in the bathroom is a dream of all of us! Because in his own bathroom one tries to get rid of the everyday hectic and to recharge your batteries. In the first place, therefore, the modern bathroom must be comfortable. And at the same time also functional! Well, two important criteria for the bath of today! The quest to bring coziness and functionality under one roof has led to the emergence of fancy bathroom furniture that transforms this space into a haven of peace!

Bathtubs are the nuts and bolts of modern bathroom design. That’s what it’s all about here today: how a modern bathtub not only influences the bathroom design, but also the comfort in the bathroom itself…

Bathtub with unusual shape is a real eye-catcher in the bathroom!

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If you have a bathroom, where there is enough space for a bath, you have to buy one! Hardly anyone will deny that. Because here you can not only take care of your body and warm up, but also find real relaxation. Lie comfortably in the bathtub and relax properly… Sounds perfect, does not it? But you also have to pay attention to the most suitable bathtub design. Classic rectangular bathtubs, elegant round or oval tubs, corner or seat bathtubs, hexagonal models, extraordinary trapezoidal designs, functional octagonal bathtubs … Modern bathtubs come in all forms! And the infinite variety of models makes the selection really complicated…

Octagonal tubs offer real bathing comfort…

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Diverse bathtubs with different functions…

A bathroom with a modern design impresses with high quality materials and unusual shapes. The combination of these makes the bathroom appear more or less functional and comfortable. Of course you have to pay attention to every single bathroom furniture, but also to the combination of all individual pieces of furniture. That’s why we want to emphasize: it’s a responsible job, the right bath under all possible to find!

You can now configure your own bathtub, so that it fits perfectly into the bathroom and meets your own requirements. On the market and in the online shops you have a diverse selection available. But you would have to take a few things necessarily into consideration!

Modern baths should meet certain criteria. Non-slip, impact-resistant, heat-insulating, sound-absorbing, and of course they have to be easy to care for! And that is closely related to that material , Cast, steel, composites and acrylic are widely used, but wood, natural stone and plumbing acrylic are also good options.

Freestanding oval bath fascinates with its simple beauty

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The size The bath is also essential. You have to feel comfortable there, even if you take a bath for two! Wide baths allow more mobility and are also suitable for disabled people. Even if you do not want to do without a bathtub in a small bathroom, you can count on matching designs. Space-saving bathtubs are then announced on a limited area! Trapezoid baths, for example, are a good solution in this case. That too swimming pool could be deeper than it is by default. This is a prerequisite for a full enjoyment in the tub!

And in the end, but not last, is the shape the bath is crucial for the bathroom look and our well-being in the bathroom. Bathtubs in various shapes also offer different levels of comfort. However, it depends on the circumstances of the room and your own taste, which form you choose. For example, oval bathtubs certainly exert a fascination, but even square bathtubs can make a splash in the bathroom! Some tubs look fancier than others in their unusual shape, but the size of the lying area should be taken care of when choosing! For example, among all types of bathtubs, the octagonal bathtub is noticeable because of its special shape. If you want to put on a bathtub with a lot of volume, but at the same time cause a stir, you could buy an octagonal bathtub!

Playful designs bring dynamism to the bathroom

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The octagonal bathtub in the eye-catcher

Square bathtubs fascinate by an extraordinary look and the real proof is the octagonal bathtub. Their special shape enhances every bathroom. In addition to an extraordinary design with eight corners, this tub also has other advantages for its owner:

  • Octagonal bathtubs are unique. They are a kind of intermediate form between a rectangular and a hexagonal or an oval bathtub. So a variety of designs are also available with this type of tubs. The octagonal course of the outer edge can also be continued inside the tub, but the inside of the tub can also run oval.
  • The octagonal baths are many installation options: either you can put the tub on a wall, in the corner or in a corner with the broad side in the corner. As a free-standing tub one uses this one too. Freestanding it is accessible from all sides and a real eye-catcher as well! However, one must expect high installation costs.
  • On the edge of the octagonal tub you can put bath and shower utensils for better comfort. But you could also underpin the corners from bottom to top and then provide them with tiles. So you provide more storage space.

The octagonal bathtub has much to offer

bathtub types shape octagonal

However, if you have a small bathroom, the octagonal bathtub would not always be the best solution. Let yourself be inspired and create a bathroom to admire! Choose a suitable bathtub with the right shape and the right size and treat yourself to a great bath!

In the end we would like to give you a tip on how to beautify your bathtub: Dress it up!

Especially stylish and functional solution for the tub, which enhances the bathroom

Select bathtub to decorate

Create a relaxing atmosphere around the bathtub itself…

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Installation options for the hexagonal tub

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Save space with the right use of the bathtub!

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To emphasize the bathtub

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