Double Bath – Flexibility Meets Comfort!

Are you in the process of having a unique bathtub and setting up the bathroom beautifully? If you want a double bath, which ensures a romantic and comfortable bathing, then you can learn more details in our article. Learn more about the different types of bathtubs that bring many benefits. The identically constructed bathtubs provide an elegant look and offer a large selection of palettes that our editors would like to introduce!

Corner bath – practical and space saving

Corner baths are considered the perfect solution for a practical bathroom positioning. In general, this model is more than smart for bathroom facilities that do not offer that much space. The corner baths bring many benefits. In general, these two-seaters are considered optimal alternative to the rectangular bathtubs.

A big advantage of the corner bath is the clever construction, which offers enough space for two people. In this bathtub, you do not sit opposite each other with your partner, but next to each other. So you sit comfortably and use the existing space strategically. As the corner baths have different sizes, you can order a custom shape. It is important that you plan a precise design so that there is enough space in the bathroom. As the corner baths are not straight, trapezoidal shapes or shapes with more than five corners arouse great interest. The more numerous the corners, the more comfortable and larger the bathtub appears!

Practically use the area in the bathroom!


Special form tubs or oval bath tubs?

Do you have enough bathroom space for a large bath that provides 100% comfort for two? If so, then special form troughs are best for that. Their design reminds us at first glance of the normal bathtubs, but the size of these bathtubs is almost double.

The rounded and straight lines offer the chance to feel comfortable. Manufacturers mainly offer a rectangular shape, because the main idea is a perfect front wall mounting. The bathtub guarantees optimum stability thanks to its clever design.

Number 1 in the list of many design lovers are the oval bathtubs. The soft shapes add value to the bathroom and the unique look gives the room an elegant touch. The decorative element is of course available in different variants. Focus on the color white, because this nuance underlines the curvy lines.

The special forms provide a pure attraction

trendy shape double bathtub ideas

The oval bathtub offers enough space for two people

Double bath Furnishing idea

Select double bath correctly

The most beautiful baths for couples not only offer a unique design, but also benefits that ensure our comfort. For this reason, our editors want to start with the first point, namely the inner shape of the bathtub. The ideal bath for two people is this, where you feel especially good. Therefore, the size of the inner shape plays an important role, but of course it depends on the size of the person. A practical tip is, for example, the strategic positioning of the back parts. If the bathtub is not wide enough for two people, you can plan the backsides facing each other. Another modernization would be the bathtub with jets. These massage jets can also be designed with underwater lighting. These design elements enhance the inner shape of the bathtub and give a spa experience! The design of the inner mold is individually designed according to your taste, so take this opportunity!

An important factor in the selection of the double bath is also the location of the water drainage. This important little thing is very often determined to be unimportant. But this part of the bathtub could also have negative consequences when bathing. For this reason, it is important to plan the flow of water based on the lying position of the people. A central position is often uncomfortable while bathing!

Pay attention to every little thing!

Double bathtub shape ideas

Have you still not selected a double bathtub for your bathroom? Then our editor would like to present a picture gallery that keeps something hidden for every taste! Give yourself enough time and enjoy every design!

Choose a design to your taste!

Concept double bath

Have fun in the large double bath

double bath

Make the right choice!

Creative constructions double bath

Special forms upgrade the bathroom positively!

Double bath sharp shades

Enjoy the multifunctional nozzles

Design ideas with double bath

Do you have a better idea for a double bath?

Bathing double bathtub jets

Enjoy extra large bath for two

Double bathtub ideas design

Relax after a hard day’s work

Double bath Creative constructions

Enjoy your bathtub with your partner

Double bathtub uniform shape design

The double bath provides a romantic feeling

Double bath trendy shape ideas

White is considered the most popular color

Double bath bathroom fixture ideas

Massage jets provide comfort and a spa experience

Double Bath Tub Designs

A corner bath in white gives the room elegance

Double bath concept