Zucchini Healthy – Delicious And Healthy Ideas For The Summer Season

The summer is the season of very many delicious dishes. Among other things, the zucchini. These vegetable gourds are healthy especially at this time of the year, as they grow naturally in the sun.

However, before we list all the health characteristics of zucchini, we would like to introduce you to another aspect of this vegetable. We want to show you how exciting and great their story is.

Eat courgettes on every occasion

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The history

The courgettes are among the first cultivated plants, as are the beans and the corn. They are believed to be from North America.

They are of the same family as the pumpkins.

We have just talked about vegetable squash… In gastronomy, the courgettes are used as such.

In countries like Mexico, the courgettes are cooked and eaten like maize. The locals have been believing that fertility has been promoted for many centuries. Together with seeds from other cultures, the courgettes came to Europe in the 16th century. They were quickly popular and sold freely in the market. The variety we eat today is probably a genetic mutation of the kind that originally grew in America.

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Why are courgettes healthy?

The courgettes contain a lot of potassium. For this reason, they help a lot in the fight against fatigue. They are great at dieting for cleansing the organism and for allergies. There is also sodium, which is in an optimum ratio to the potassium. This is very important for the good condition of our muscles and nerves. The courgettes contain very many fibers. This makes them ideal for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal system.

They also contain a lot of vitamin C, A, E, zinc, manganese, omega 3 acids. Furthermore, they are very suitable for the feeding of children. The zucchini are not very healthy for people with kidney problems.

Zucchini: Healthy and delicious

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Zucchini healthy – you can eat them as a salad

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Zucchini prepared with pizza filling – that tastes delicious!

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The courgettes can also be eaten in the raw state

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Prepare spicy zucchini on the grill

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Zucchini healthy – Zucchini chips instead of potato chips

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Courgette potato casserole

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Delicious, healthy zucchini soup

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How will you prepare the courgettes?

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Healthy meatballs with courgettes

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Bake an avocado courgette bread

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