Large, Mini Tarts And Cup Cakes With Succulents

The mini cakes with succulent decoration are currently in great demand. Sometimes real plants and sometimes sugar ones are used. We would like to show you a great idea of ​​the second kind in the following. This is followed by many great pictures for pies, cupcakes and tartlets with succulent and other vegetable decoration. You will certainly find ideas for both formal and everyday occasions.

Mini tarts and succulents in different sizes – a great idea!

mini pies cactus view

Choose the right recipe for mini pies!

You can practically any recipe for mini-pies or other cake types and select them with Cacti and succulents decorate. The question is, are the first really effective? There are just a few color combinations that are particularly successful. Such as the white vanilla tart.

Green color looks like a strong accent. Even with very discreet inserts, this type of jewelry will attract attention. However, the combination of dark colors and green succulent decoration seems particularly modern. Incidentally, that would be a fitting idea for a men’s birthday!

The decoration of the pies can include different colors

Another great view of mini pies

Genuine or sugar succulents for the mini pies

Not only decorative sugar succulents, but genuine ones are also possible. The decision should be made in accordance with the style of your party. Real cacti look more modern and will enroll very well, if the plants anyway dominate in the decoration of your party. The cacti made of sugar in turn have other advantages – with these you can get different color combinations. A good argument for this is also the presence of children. With these there is the danger that they try to eat the real cacti by mistake.

You can prepare several mini cakes with succulents in a short time!

beautiful cream mini pies cacti

Various methods for the production of decoration

Many people think of mini cakes, cupcakes or pies with ideas of succulents because they find the decoration of this species too complicated. Actually, it could be just the opposite! You just have to choose the right method of crafting your vegetable decorations. You can e.g. make the cacti out of cream with a cake syringe – with green food coloring you will achieve a great effect! By this method, the succulents were created in our first three pictures.
For a sculptural effect you probably need matching bakeware or combinations of these. You can find an insight into this topic here ,

The decoration can be completed by various methods

prepare succulent pie idea

For what occasion would such pie ideas fit?

As the succulents are often used on white cake, they are especially suitable for weddings. Just keep to the two main colors, they look very modern and elegant. Succulents as a decoration for pies bring any other occasions to a high level. This will allow you to achieve a modern, elegant finish to your menu with just a few resources. They are just as appropriate if you want a masculine touch in the decoration. In all cases, it is worthwhile to offer such a large or mini cake to your guests. We wish you many sweet moments with it!

Some succulent pie ideas are like real works of art

colorful succulent garden of sugar tarts idea

Wedding cakes with succulent deco are especially popular

cup cake succulents

Cupcakes with succulents are just such a great idea

cup cakes with succulents

Cupcakes in black and green look very modern

cup cakes succulent idea

Cake ideas with succulents are ideal for the rustic feast

cup cakes and pies ideas with succulent decoration

Mini tarts with succulents can be quite simple and stylish at the same time!

Simple minimalist design for mini pies with succulents

Genuine succulents can also be used in decorating

simple recipe with succulent decoration

On wedding cakes succulents and other plants are often combined

wedding cake with succulents

A beautiful wedding cake with green and blue shades, right?

idea big pie plant decoration
gingerbread mini tarts idea
multi-colored succulent pie ideas
mini pies for weddings with succulent

Vintage pies can also be decorated with succulents

herbal decoration and succulents from sugar cakes ideas
pink white and green tarts idea
chocolate and succulents from sugar mini cakes idea
jewelry succulents inspiration

Sweets in a rustic style can also consist of succulents

succulents as decoration for tart
sukkulenten deko mini pies for weddings
great succulent cup cakes
pie ideas with succulent inspiration
sugar succulents pies jewelry idea