Jewelery Made From Polymer Clay – Instructions For Beginners In 6 Steps

Polymer clay is now in fashion. Would you like to deal with a new hobby? Why do not you Tinker With polymer clay to your new hobby? We hereby present to you countless possibilities offered by this material. And something else – with us you will find everything you need to know before you begin the art process. Learn about the polymer clay, then create something beautiful for yourself or for your loved one!

Blocks of polymer clay in”raw”condition and a small hamburger already made out of it

Polymer Clay Hamburger

1.What is polymer clay?

Polymer clay is a soft plastic that is easy to model and is cured in the oven. Polymer clay can be modeled to bake. The first is soft as plasticine, after baking it becomes hard as porcelain. The polymer clay is solid in the oven for less than half an hour.

Made of polymer clay

Polymer Clay various items

2. What is the use of polymer clay?

Polymer clay is used to make:

  • Jewelry of all kinds – Bracelets, chains, rings, earrings, pendants, etc.
  • decorations
  • Small accessories and details
  • Cover other materials such as glass, wood, metal, etc.
  • Immitations of various materials – metal, wood, stone, glass, etc.
  • Pictures and mosaics

The plastic of the fabric makes all this possible.

Polymer Clay – Workspace

Polymer clay of various brands

3.Would you like to buy a brand?

Brands such as Fimo distribute products made of polymer clay in Germany. The special tone is offered in many different variants – classic, soft, transparent, effective, fluorescent and the like.

A range of polymer clay brand fimo

Fimo polymer clay pattern

4. What do I need in the beginning?

At the beginning you need:

  • working surface
  • a knife
  • Small roller wood with diameter approx. 3 cm
  • Various objects from the way of life – deco pots, lids, molds for sweets, toothpicks, bottles or anything you can think of to shape the fabric
  • A press (possibly)

In order to make different forms, one uses a variety of techniques and needs useful utensils

Use polymer clay to make your own

A polymer polymer clay press

Polymer clay press

Always use work gloves made of nylon so that the fabric does not stick.

5. How is polymer clay hardened?

Note that curing is the most important process. Your things should not be too short and not too long in the oven. The smaller the objects, the faster they are baked. It is best to bake for 20 minutes at 130 ° or 30 minutes at approx. 110 °. You can wrap the artifacts made of polymer clay in aluminum foil. No surprise, if they are still soft after baking – they become stronger over time. When hardening in the oven, the shape remains the same, but the color can change a bit.

Put jewelry from polymer clay in oven

Polymer clay oven


You have been informed about Polymer Clay and now comes the most beloved part – Jewellery Tinker.

Art objects made of polymer clay look beautiful and funny

Polymer clay - various things

There are many techniques regarding polymer clay. With these techniques you could achieve an unlimited number of results. They give you the possibility to create not only every shape you want, but also imitate different fabrics. When you are at the beginning of your modeling, you only need to know about some basic techniques. Then you can develop further. Experiment with different brands and types of polymer clays to learn about mixing, molding and curing. Some materials are more plastic and more flexible than others and are baked at different temperatures. Choose such materials to achieve the best results! We offer a video demonstration of basic polymer clay techniques.

Polymer Clay Techniques – First Steps

Some simple techniques are:

  • Simple forms

To make the fabric more plastic, you need to warm it up a little in your hands. Create some shapes of different size and color.

Polymer clay

Create your own jewelry

Art process crafting with polymer clay

Art process crafting

  • part connection

Experiment by connecting the individual parts. For example, make a little snowman to understand how the fabric sticks together.

Snowman made of polymer clay

Polymer Clay Snowmaker

  • mix colors

Try to mix and blend the colors to create a new color or a colorful color mix.


Polymer-Clay technique interwoven

Art objects are painted after baking. You can also find the lacquer in the art shop or the shop.

And in the end, we want to pay attention to the fact that final results depend mainly on your finger-aptitude and imagination. We wish you a great time with your new hobby!

Chain of polymer clay
Pendant made of polymer clay
Polymer clay minions variant
Polymer clay theme sea
Avocado appendix
Balls of polymer clay
Rings of Polymer Clay
Small artifacts
Various things from polymer clay

Owls made of polymer clay
Colorful artifacts made of polymer clay
Donuts made of polymer clay
Donut pendant