Fancy Garden Decoration – 50 Ideas For Your Fabulous Garden

If you have a nice garden You want to look after him so that he looks fabulous. There you spend your time to relax from the stressful everyday life. And now comes the question how you can decorate the garden. In our picture gallery you can see 100 photos and then the inspiration comes to create something great. This year we are inspired by different materials, objects and old, useless things – wood, stone, metal, glass, old tires, bicycles, ladders, barrels, water wheels, barrels and even brooms. Do not throw it all away in the dustbin! You never know when it becomes necessary again.

Our tip: In principle, it would be nice if you put flowers and plants where you least expect them. Second – try to make combinations between the different materials and techniques. If you follow our precaution, your garden will look great!

Exceptional garden decor of wood

Wood adds comfort to every interior. This is a natural material and is not so difficult to work with. From old barrels, pipes, water wheels, etc. Remaining parts can create a very original decoration.

Hanging flower pots

Flower pots made of wood

A small, funny river

Make the garden decor yourself

Decorative windmill made of wood

Windmill made of wood

A small picture of natural materials

Picture out of natural materials

Wheelbarrow as a planter

Wheelbarrow with plants

Old waterwheel is transformed into the plant crate

Old water spinning wheel for flowers

On the woodlite you can arrange plants

Wooden ladder full of flowers

Wheelbarrow in the garden pond and full of flowers

Wheelbarrow with flowers in the water

A”welcome”sign in wooden bird shape

A bird of wood

Garden table and wooden chairs in colorful colors

Table and wooden chairs

A wooden armchair

Wooden armchair

Vertically arranged flower boxes

Vertical flower boxes

Flower box made of wood with wheels

Gartendeko idea

Wooden armchair with garden figures

Wooden armchair with garden figures

Wheelbarrow made from a barrel and decorated with plants

Wheelbarrow decorated from a barrel with flowers

Garden decoration – stone

Bricks bring coolness and freshness into the outdoor atmosphere, especially when they are near water. Stones can be used primarily as flooring, but also as a decoration of smaller details. You can make a path of stones as well as decorate the path edge with stones.

Stone decoration in the front yard

Garden decoration with stones

Stones can frame the garden pond

Stones next to the pond

Make circles with stones

Stones like circles

Decorative stone

Decorative stone

Flower pots made of stones

Flower pots made of stones

A larger flower pot made of stones

Large flower pot made of stones

Stone sofa decorated with pillows

Garden decoration made of stone

Feet of stones

Stone art

Tables with legs of stones

Tables with legs of stones

A staircase of gravel and wood

Garden decoration stone and wood

Colorful butterflies from small, colorful stones as garden steps

Butterflies made of stones

garden figures

Let us not forget the garden figures and statues, because they contribute enormously to a lively and striking outdoor look. They can determine the style of your garden. Do you want your garden to look like a paradise? Then you can place angels, fairies and other delicate pictures outside. Are you impressed by the Asian style? Do not think about it long! Just make sure that everything is arranged in a certain, uniform style. Only in this way the garden figures and statues look quite natural!

Garden figures – Swans of stone

Swans of stone

Garden figure – a fairy

Garden figure a fairy

Buddha in meditation in a water plant

Buddha in meditation

Garden figure – a Greek from ancient times

Garden figure Altgriechin

Garden figure in Indian style

Garden figure in Indian style

Garden decoration from various objects

Unfold your imagination by decorating unusual items with flowers. Transform them into art objects by adding many flowers and / or water. The decision, what you need exactly, is only yours! We will be happy to help you ideas Which you can realize in your own garden.

Boots converted into flower pots

Colorful boots

“Funny”tons decorated with flowers

Colorful Tons

Old piano has become a fountain

Piano with flowers

Mushrooms of metal and wood

Mushrooms made of metal and wood

Garden decoration with a bicycle

Garden decoration with a bicycle

Old car decorated with flowers

A car decorated with flowers

A zebra from an old tire

A zebra of old tires

Old sofa converted into a flower box

Old sofa as a reason

An old bed full of flowers

A bed full of flowers

Large wheelbarrow decorated with flowers

Large wheelbarrow with flowers

Vintage style for your garden

Vintage style

Old bathtub as a flower container

Old bathtub as a flower container

Old shopping cart as a flower container

Old shopping cart as a flower container

Mailbox as a flower container

Mailbox as a flower container

Decorated bicycle

Decorated bicycle

An old chair decorated with many flowers

An old chair with flowers

A carriage with flowers

A carriage with flowers

Decorate your old typewriter with lots of flowers!

Typewriter with jewelry of flowers

Old bench decorated with many flowers

Bench with many flowers

Now you know – your garden can acquire a fairy tale. Enjoy the long, bright days outside, aligned in your garden with a new look!