Wooden House By Jun Yashiki And Associates Architecture Studio – Japan

The following wooden house is a true dream not only because of its architecture, which radiates an inviting, natural character. There are still many innovations planned in the interior, which make life more sustainable and easier, and make building out of wood possible despite strict fire protection regulations. It is a project of Jun Yashiki & Associates Architecture Studio. Built on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 149 square meters. The completion took place in 2013 and senior architect was Jun Yashiki himself.

A good view on the wooden surfaces of the house

Wooden house great idea made of glass

Interior arrangement and facade design

This wooden house has a vertical layout on three floors. It represents a closed concept. All rooms open to a light flooded courtyard. This happens over room-high glass walls. Thus, the ambience is very bright and benefits maximally from the natural light.

The building is closed to the outside and thus one enjoys an ideally protected private room.

From the street, the architecture of the dream house is nothing special!

Planting in the modern wooden house

Special features of the project

The exterior walls are fire resistant and comply with local laws. The regulations state, among other things, that the insides of the fire-resistant walls must be covered with reinforced plasterboard. Accordingly, the first and the second floor are connected only with bolts through the plasterboard construction panels to the outer walls.

This also gives the name of the project -“Detached Floor House”, which translates to good German as a wooden single family home.

In the interior of the wooden house mainly brown and white are used

Wooden house insight from the interior

Wooden house of the modern generation

The preference for wooden houses leads in modern architecture too many innovations , In this case, the pursuit of using this material has led to a particularly modern and original architectural solution.

The harmonious living works in such an atmosphere particularly easy

The modern staircase is also considered an accent in the interior

Wooden house stairs inside

The architecture of the dream house to the side of the courtyard is super modern in appearance

modern glass facades to the courtyard wooden house