Two Rectangular Volumes At Different Levels – A House In Manchester

House in Manchester exterior garageA house in Manchester

Home 780 in Manchester, England is built on different levels by two rectangular volumes. The project offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside of Cheshire.

The clear lines and forms are typical of the building

House in Manchester architecture

Now we tell you something about Manchester.  The cityscape is characterized by buildings of different styles of Victorian architecture to the modern. Nowadays, factories of the cotton industry as apartments or offices are used. The frequent use of brick as a building material is characteristic of Manchester.

The residents enjoy the great environment

House in Manchester wood exterior

In the city caused many large skyscrapers since the 1960s and changed the view of the city. The tallest building is the Beetham Tower, where there are restaurants, a hotel and apartments.

This residence radiates style, comfort, and love

House Manchester white architecture

We imagine a house in this town! How do you find it?

The minimalist style dominates the Interior here

home in Manchester Interior leather white Chair living room

The 450 – square-meter house has two bridge on the garage level and others at the mezzanine level.

Leather sofas offer much comfort the owners

House in Manchester couch sofa living room

The owner wanted a simple look of the House. The clear lines and forms are typical for the building. The extensive use of oak appear softer and warmer look of the exterior facades and provides an inviting atmosphere in the House.

The House is characterised by White exterior

home in Manchester white wood

The architect has designed carefully every detail – from the bathroom through the lighting up to large Windows.

The two levels are easy to recognize

home lighting exterior Manchester

The white color range dominates the exterior of the House. The Interior is subtly connected with the exterior. The minimalist elements are easy to spot in the Interior. Leather, glass and wood are used tastefully.

An interesting ceiling impressed the guests

Manchester House ceiling White

This residence radiates style, comfort, and love. Their advantages are the modern furnishings as well as the green surroundings.

House Manchester wood sink cabinet

See this contemporary home! Do you like it? Most likely, Yes! Share with us your impressions!

House Manchester Interior Manchester sink wooden house

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