This Luxurious Residence In California Blurs The Boundaries Of Traditional Design

luxurious residence California pond architecture Chair tableThis luxurious residence in California

If you are looking for a Word to describe the Cresta, in San Diego, California, the right results is unconventional. We present today a luxurious residence with a striking structure. The architecture exudes remarkable individuality. A spacious interior and a breathtaking extravagant patio characterize the House.

The L-shaped pond in the garden impressed the guests

A green backyard offers residents the opportunity to spend the evenings in the open air.  You can relax here pleasantly and recover from the stress of everyday life. An L-shaped pond in the garden is a particular feature of the House. You can organize its outdoor dining on the patio.

You want to live here?

Both the exterior and the Interior are impressive.

Use this stylish glass and wood

The clear lines are typical of the interior design. The heavy accents of wood and the large window complete the Interior wonderfully. Sliding glass doors and the open design ensures the airy atmosphere in the House. Glass walls link the inside and the outside world.

Pleasant atmosphere for relaxation

Wood is used as a beautiful decoration here. See the luxurious neutral minimalist furnishings. The impressive glass dining table and the brown leather couch in the living room provide the comfort of the residents.

Remarkable design

The residence offers much privacy and tranquility. The building is truly remarkable.

How to find the patio?

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Wood moulding gives the Interior heat

luxurious residence California Brown Coffee leather table a brown leather sofa offers the residents much comfort in the living room great walls luxurious residence in California dining table chair wall decorationIn the backyard, the owners can find recreation good lighting at nightEarth nuances seem inviting stunning architecture a view from above residence radiates out rest you feel relax in a great atmosphere? luxurious residence California Chair table stairs

Jonathan Segal FAIA