The Loft Attico UB – Break With The Past

The search for interesting loft interiors and modern architecture takes us this time to Bergamo, Italy. The project is from the year 2016 and its realization was entrusted to the office Teka Studio. The apartment has 150 square meters area. Lead architect was Francesco Valesini ,

The glass windows of the loft have a mirror effect from the outside

loft glass wall ideas

The loft in its architectural context

This fabulous loft rests on the past and looks at it. It is housed in a historic building from 1958. The large glass windows overlook a historic part of the city. Otherwise, everything is super modern in its design. What still links the apartment and its interior design with the original character of the building may be that both are designed in a sober, industrial style.

The apartment has its own style and has a lot of space in a special way.

From the inside, the loft opens up a beautiful view

great lighting loft

The break with the past

Especially in interior design, the most obvious break with the past is from this building. The proportions of the original volume have been changed. This also applies to the building system on this floor. The windows and exterior walls have been changed. Her appearance is now from metal frame and disguises shaped. The north facade was completely glazed. This is a modern solution, but as already mentioned, it becomes a kind of window to the past. Because this opens up a magnificent city view with traditional features.

With their lighting, the lofts embellish the cityscape

loft from the outside lighting

Modern extension of a tradition

The concept of this interior design shows us that even in traditional cities modern living facilities can be harmoniously integrated. This in turn means that you can live in harmony with the greatest innovations, without destroying the traces of the past. The latter is understood much more as a kind of great base and enrichment of the present existence.

Even from the broader perspective, these apartments stand out!

building in the night loft

From the loft balcony, the beautiful cityscape can be enjoyed

loft great panorama

In the bedroom you feel isolated from the rest of the apartment

homely interior loft

The lofts passages have a very well thought out structure

interior design wood loft

The openness of the living room contrasts with the privacy of the rest of the interior

loft corridor design

In many places in the loft one discovers a contrasting interior

loft bright hallway design