The Architecture And Design Portal Homify

The architecture and design portal homify is the new, virtual placetobe for all lovers of Interior, Home Builder or interested in architecture. Since the beginning of the year online, the platform offers homify various experts to present their projects – while the clamping ranges from architects about kitchen Planner to garden and landscape farmers.

Architecture and design on homify

architecture and design portal Homify

Homify but also a source of inspiration for users and potential customers who can get suggestions how they use sense, for example, pitched roof, beautiful outdoor furniture or can make your living room is at the same time. In addition, they have the ability to contact experts for their concerns directly and with just one click.

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At homify, you can get to fulfill the dream of the walk-in dressing room , planning its kitchen, find the matching joiner for the desired installation rack or inspired by interior design ideas for the bedroom. Easily own “idea books” can create, where you can store his favorite photos, collect and own notes.

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One rummages through the various and well assorted categories such as “Scandinavian”, “Bathroom” or “accessories and decoration” can happen quickly that you want to newly laid the ground, umstreichen his living room wall or tear up the garden and wonder why you actually already has thought about a swimming pond…

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In the magazine area below the home, explains also exciting projects of featured, professions or architects interviewed. You can play what you should look for when purchasing a washing machine or fly on the wall in the Hollywood dream Villa by DJ Avicii, inform yourself, for example, in articles on different topics.

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Apart from the German side, does exist homify parallel in the languages English, French, Italian and Spanish, which has the advantage that you can contact here also from the architecture which inspired Trulli huts in Puglia or the Mallorcan Tiler.

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