Strip Ceiling A 1910 Bungalow Beauty

The first owner of the House brought the charm and the comfort of home in his Utah determination and patience.

The century-old bungalow, which had bought Melissa Glover, had seen better days. It left a chaotic mix of style in the House layer upon layer of numerous tags. But its best days still to come.

As a first times home owner Glover devoted her heart and soul this project – to design the House beautiful again. She did this mainly by stripping instead of Add. The built-in dresser in the dining room needs the renovations. “I found this and wanted to destroy them originally, but it’s so disgusting,” says Glover, who is sporting a brand Coordinator for JayBird. “Every centimetre has been covered color layers in 10 to 15, including household goods. But I discovered a real gem patience and a lot of chemical stripper – original beadboard hidden itself behind cardboard and 70s-era mirror. It has original glass. “

House at a glance

Who here lives: Melissa Glover and her cats, Lucy and EthelLocation: Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake CityArea: 111 M², 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

Stripping cover a 1910 bungalow beauty

bungalow beauty carpet pink curtains

“I would say my style is mixed with industrial and antique items, a mix of crafty Etsy love, while I have always tried to maximize comfort,” says Glover.

Ceiling fan: Acero, Amazon, couch: Lofgren is; Sofa cushions: vintage French grain sack, restoration hardware; Coffee table:; Carpet: Lappljung ruta, IKEA; Drapes: Ikea; Curtain rod: Pottery Barn

The living room

bungalow beauty living room coffee table sofa

The heating system of the House was installed on one side, where the fireplace in the living room was, so it was useless. She added an artificial brick fireplace between the built-in bookshelves add to create a charming focal point.

The entrance

bungalow beauty input lamp

Brick exterior fireplace: brick design. Taupe wall color: Perfect, Behr, Home Depot

Glover has installed dimmer in the House to create atmosphere.

A white sofa

bungalow beauty living room sofa

She had to be creative with furniture placement, to open up the space. “I moved the dining room light from the center of the room to the Windows, to create a natural way in the kitchen,” she says.

The dining room design

bungalow beauty dining room Setup

Dining table: Tai Pan trading. Chairs: 1934 Sundance catalog, dining chair, dining room pendant: lights up!, Lofgren’s

Black curtains in the dining room

bungalow beauty dining room

One of the most popular places of Glover in their home is the dining room. She loves to sit when the light comes through the four large Windows and on the ground and on the old Dresser pouring its rays on the dining room table at sunset.

A box of wood

bungalow beauty Cabinet

Antler: European antiques, hardware: restoration hardware

Glover installed tiles in the kitchen and new lights. She bought also a kitchen island, to add more counter space and storage.

An old cabinet

bungalow beauty old wood

Kitchen counter lights: Sundance catalog, kitchen light: Pottery Barn, ‘Vogue’ type: flea market; backsplash:; Island: Ikea

The kitchen

bungalow beauty kitchen kitchen island

Glover and her ex – husband install the lantern on the rear wall of the kitchen for a clean, contemporary look that goes well with the traditional style of the House.

Kitchen furniture

bungalow beauty kitchen

Glover currently restored the recovery of metal and wood railings on the porch. “It’s quite overwhelming,” she says.

The exterior design

traditional exterior bungalow beauty

“Sugar House is a big part of Salt Lake City,” says Glover. “Cafés, bars, restaurants, shopping, parks, and grocery stores are within walking distance, and the neighborhood is really alive in the warmer months.”

A great environment

bungalow beauty exterior design

“Most of the work I did was in the garden. When I found the House, the Court was absolutely horrible”, she says. “Full of dead trees and a chain-link fence with a crumbling concrete retaining wall. It meant a lot to me, to get the garden in good condition, as he is now, and I’m really proud. I had poured concrete for a terrace, as well as a ramp, hut, portico and custom cedar fence installed. ‘

The exterior has a wood design

bungalow beauty outdoor wood

Picnic table: Sundance catalog; Lights: Amazon

Umbrella: TJMaxx; Fence paint: Behr, tug, Home Depot

A suitable place for relaxation

bungalow beauty outdoor

Glover created individual markers of plants by small pieces of wood, on which she wrote the name of the plant. All plants came from her father’s nursery.

The exterior has many plants

bungalow beauty landscape plants

Their garden is their most prized possession. It is that which reminds them most of their first home.

Green plants

bungalow beauty landscape

“There is no better feeling than to have a vegetable garden, you can call your own,” she says.

Purple flowers bungalow beauty grass flowers

Acero, Lofgren’s,, Lappljung Ruta, Pottery Barn, Brick Design, Behr, 1934 dining chair, Sundance, CG sparks, T.J.Maxx

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