Small Apartment With Green Accents Inspired For Trendy Interior Design

We are dealing with a modern interior, which is worth looking at every detail from many different corners. The whole thing is universal, up-to-date and at the same time the design has an unmistakable character. There are one or two themes that weld the whole concept together, but they are by no means too conspicuous and intrusive. Something like that would describe the typical modern and successful decor small apartments ring. The present example illustrates in a fabulous way what is meant by what has been said so far.

From this perspective, one recognizes the unity of this living concept

carpet in the middle of the room interior design

Open interior that also protects privacy

We have a main living area, around which other small premises are arranged. Diesre combines a living room, kitchen and dining room. They share a common open living plan, but at the same time they are clearly separated by the arrangement of the furniture.

About the same principle follows this home furnishings also in a vertical plane. The private bedrooms are located on the first floor and can be reached via a very well planned staircase , It is also characterized by open design, but at the same time it entangles the direct insight into the living room with tricky twists. The access to the private bedrooms is a bit more complicated. The bottom line is that you feel well protected in your own private area despite the open basic concept.

The boundaries between the different zones are also clearly visible

Interior round living room furniture

Balance between round and square shapes

Clear lines prevail here. However, it has opted for the combination of oval and straight, or angular forms. As a result, there is some dynamism and variety in the interior, without compromising unity. This interaction of the forms is noticeable above all on the ground floor, on the base of which the living room and the kitchen area are accommodated. Especially the zones for relaxation and entertainment – such as the dining area or the living area, are characterized by round and oval shapes. Did you notice it too?

Oval and round shapes harmonize in this interior

Interior view from the top

Partitions with dual use

The interior design concept includes several partitions. Due to the relatively limited tread, efforts have been made to use them in multiple ways. For example, this part of the staircases that border the living area also serves for decorative purposes. The storage spaces, which are mostly closed here, also provide sufficient storage space. In general, the design looks seamless, and the decoration can be more present or subtle depending on your taste and mood.

Each zone and each room has decoration ideas with its own character

Interior dining room idea

Modern green shades

Could you identify the actual themes of this interior, which make them seem consistent and coherent? We have already mentioned one thing, namely the dynamics of angular and oval shapes. In addition, it unfolds the potential of green color, which appears in many modern nuances. These two themes are not only prevalent in the large common living spaces, but also in the private spaces.

The green color is present in all zones of this interior

Interior great staircase

All perspectives in this interior are particularly interesting

view through the railing interior

The decoration ideas

On a decorative level as well, the main trend is to uniformly present individual solutions. The two main themes mentioned – the green color, as well as the oval and angular shape, can be seen everywhere. The furniture shows a similar stylistic character in all rooms. But everywhere you have opted for different decoration. Vegetable motifs predominate in the main living area, while toys play the leading role in the children’s room. The master bedroom again shows a nautical theme in the decoration. Also check out the rest of the pictures for our article and maybe the principles of this device will be well remembered in your head. Based on this, you could then develop your very own concept.

When you set up the apartment, you paint as many areas in white as here…

Interior kitchen and dining room idea

… This is how the ambience looks bright and cozy

Interior of bright kitchen technique

Plant motifs – real and artificial, dominate in the kitchen decoration

details on the dining table interior

The toys take the leading role in the decoration ideas in the nursery

Interior of children's room with a green carpet

The wall design presents itself in pleasant and modern neutral colors

great cot interior

The overall concept is individual and functional

wall design idea interior design

In the bedroom furniture one decided for a discreet nautical theme

Interior great big bed

The carpet defines the floor as an accent area in the bedroom

Interior great bedroom

The stripes on the wall give the interior a very relaxed character

beautiful bedroom interior design