Relax In The Outdoor Space!

relaxing outdoor room couch sofa cushion plantsRelax in the outdoor room

Maybe you know that from my own experience: you can get some of the best decorations, inside using the elements of the exterior design.

Wood furniture in the garden

relaxing outdoor room sofa bamboo ceiling garden

The wrong version is a good idea. The presence of green meadows in our immediate surroundings makes this task pretty easily. Today we show you a beautiful covered terrace in the vicinity of Toulouse. It’s an old family house – built in 1729. The apartment can be quite compared with a beautiful piece of paradise.

Bamboo is often used in the decoration of the exterior courtyard

bamboo relax outside room carpet

The condition of the property before the purchase was quite outdated. There are many simple wooden benches in the garden, but all these had to be repaired first. A new design, taking into account the specific characteristics of the historical building has been made. They used old wood from the roof of Terrace, to repair things in the environment.

A beautiful piece of paradise

relaxing outdoor room Palms red furniture

The selection of furniture has spread rural comfort anywhere in the House. It is due to this furniture, that are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor for the most part. No spindly chairs or plastic shields took place here. You chose instead of their high chairs made of teak wood and coffee tables. All of this is through a wooden ceiling covered and which will the sisal carpet ensures a particularly relaxed atmosphere created.

Flowers and potted plants to freshen the atmosphere

relaxing outdoor space plants table Court

The owner was inspired by a special vision to all of these solutions. She was looking for suitable furniture for long and cozy lunch. Accordingly, she designed a space with weathered, old nuances and the splashes brought a wonderful variety in turquoise. These seem spice “the weight” of the solid walls and the luxurious furniture and a lighter atmosphere.

Stony pillars are typical for outdoor applications

relaxing outdoor space stone flower Chair

The soft Aqua shades of furniture in harmony again beautiful with the colors of the flowers popping. The design in green-blue assumes virtually through the surrounding meadows. The flowers there show an almost turquoise color.

The design in green-blue assumes virtually through the surrounding meadows

relaxing outdoor space wood green and white curtains

You can certainly see the success of the designer. The simple and casual-styled courtyard is now a personal space. This promotes the relaxation and the self-reflection. You can see that as a fully-fledged Interior.

A bamboo ceiling and wood columns

relaxing outdoor space green bamboo couch blanket

In this way, you can make very many spaces. It can be, an indoor or outdoor space a former barn or gazebo. Anyway, everyone can win in such a peaceful place back his peace of mind, what seems particularly important to us.

A beautiful covered terrace with pink elements

relaxing outdoor space white couch pink pillow carpet

The owner may refer to this space as their favorite room, and we want to believe that you in any case.

The covered terrace of the century-old building is a place for occasional meals. At the same time you can hide here wonderfully from the strong summer rays. Take just a beautiful book, fresh fruit from the local market and a bottle of rose wine. Aren’t needed, so to feel good?

Wooden decorations

relaxing outdoor room sofa wood

You can get a wonderful look in such places by the fabulous, colored cushions. Also the sisal rug will have a similar good effect like this in the most ambient. Don’t be afraid to use them, even if your home is not 300 years old.

A chandelier in the courtyard

relaxing outdoor space flower chandelier table