Modern Penthouse In A Historic Building In Bielefeld

In Germany, one likes to live in modern apartments in historic residential buildings. That’s why the following example of a penthouse in the city of Bielefeld is certainly inspiring and helpful for many. The project was carried out by the architect’s office Architekten Wannenmacher + Moller , The year of realization is 2010.

The building originally served as a municipal factory. It was transformed into an inner city residential building. This happened in 2000. In this former building there were 51 residential units. Most spectacular were the tower apartments, located at the intersection of two streets. They rose over three floors and were renovated in 2008.

The roof terrace is the most visible change to this traditional construction

Great traditional penthouse-resized facade

Need for additional living space

Due to the need for additional living space, it has been decided to increase the building by one storey. There, a penthouse was housed. The style of this apartment is very different from that in the rest of the building and stands in contrast.

It has opted for a modern facade design made of glass and inside there are many load-bearing metal structures.

On the façade, a symbolic separation between the penthouse and the apartments below is revealed through a shadow gap. However, these correspond by the Selection of colors good with each other. The following is a uniform picture.

The modern interior radiates openness

modern bedroom a penthouse-resized

Innovation and continuity

This penthouse shows how to understand innovation and continuity in architecture in large European cities with a historical heritage. They use the latest technologies to ensure a high level of comfort on the one hand and to enjoy the already available features of the urban landscape in the best possible way.

The building plan shows the role of the penthouse as part of the building

terrace modern floor-resized

This is the plan of the penthouse itself

modern penthouse idea-resized

The roof terrace is as comfortable as the interior

view from above from terrace-resized

Modern and traditional elements are combined in the outdoor area in front of the penthouse

outside stairs interior modern façade-resized
terrace penthouse bielefeld-resized

The bathroom decor is extremely modern

bathroom penthouse modern-resized

The modern storage units are an important part of the interior design

bookcases units modern interior-resized

The penthouse facade is perfectly integrated into the cityscape

cityscape quarter penthouse-resized

The staircase design gives the interior a very unique character!

staircase penthouse two storey-resized