Modern Homes For Migrants In Thailand Take Nature And Tradition Into Account

Modern architecture can be quite simple and nature-inspired. Such concepts are suitable for emergency shelters and other facilities that need to be built quickly – while providing good quality of life. This is proven by the example that we present in the following article. Here we present a few modern houses in Thailand that look very traditional at first glance. The building complex is only a few kilometers away from the border with Burma. The triangular shape of the quilts seems more traditional than modern. It harmonizes with the nearby nature and allows it in the form of a vertical garden indoors.

The complex consists of eight identical houses

view of the countryside modern houses

Modern houses in the right place

These modern homes are located near a natural source of water. Already in the selection of the location shows that Pursuit of sustainability , The complex is a youth center dealing with education and training. The target group are children of migrants.

The construction contrasts with the usual style in which such institutions are traditionally built.

The residents participated in the construction process themselves

basic works modern houses

The structure of the houses

The building complex includes five equally-looking modern houses. Four of them are symmetrically divided, creating eight different accommodation spaces. There is also a public area and sanitary facilities. These modern homes are reminiscent of emergency shelters, and it is precisely this concept that gives them inspiration. It is called”Casa Techo”and represents a work by Estacion Espacial Arquitectos. Here the concept was adapted only to the corresponding social and natural conditions. Due to the deforestation in South Asia, there is now the following tendency: Old houses are carefully mined and the wood obtained from it further used. Wood pieces from such buildings were also used here. Three vertical frames support the constructions. They carry the burden of the ceiling and divide the interior. Two oblique frames serve as terrace roof , which adjoin each construction.

The scaffolding is partly made of wood, partly of stainless steel

set up from the scaffolding modern houses

Optimal use of natural conditions

With regard to the optimal use of natural conditions, one had two main intentions in the construction process. On the one hand, the modern houses have been built so that one can control the amount of natural light on the ceiling.
Thus one would like to avoid too much warming up of the premises inside. The houses were designed so that they can shade each other. In addition, one wanted to reduce the risk of damage to the buildings due to heavy rainfall to the minimum. That’s probably why they chose triangular ceilings with such a sharp angle.

The ceiling construction corresponds with the local traditions

modern houses three finished houses

Easy access through public space

Access to private accommodation is through public space. This has many advantages for the integration of the inhabitants into the community life. It also makes the interaction between them much easier.

The alignment of modern houses serves for better integration

five modern houses nature

What did the architects want to express?

Modern architecture usually has a symbolic meaning as well. It continues to convey a message to the public and its development. The simple structures are relatively simple to set up. This will allow you to meet the needs of migrant children faster and more effectively. The simple triangular houses are comfortable and close to nature, inspiring young people who need to spend time and effort in their education.

The construction process was combined with training for the residents

scaffolding modern houses construction workers

Traditional components

The roof construction borrows elements from local buildings in the same region. This also allows the use of locally produced materials. The roof has three layers. The innermost is made of aluzinc and it was screwed to the wooden structure. So no rain can penetrate. The middle layer is made of eucalyptus wood. This has been positioned vertically to create a natural ventilation. The topmost layer consists of sugar cane leaves, which were collected in the local community. Fiberglass panels have been integrated to allow more light to penetrate inside.


Fiberglass panels contribute to better lighting in the interior

Interior of modern houses

The sanitary facilities were built according to the same principles. Due to the wetness, however, stainless steel has been used for the scaffolding construction. Block-like concrete walls divide the inner surface into four different areas. All four facades have their own function. Four doors lead to the eight different toilets. There is an open space with a sink, which offers a view of nature. There is also a seating area on the elongated fa├žade side, which looks towards the public space. On the side, which is the entrance to the complex, a vertical garden has been designed.

The wood comes partly from mined old houses in the region

modern houses in the basement

The process of construction was combined with a training course for the migrants. They were taught deep knowledge of the peculiarities of the earth in this locality. It has also contributed to the integration of their small community. At work, people with a very different professional and social background have participated. Some came from disadvantaged social groups and others were engineers and architects.

One side of the sanitary facilities was allocated to vertical gardens

modern houses three buildings

The construction process also promotes learning and community building

modern houses construction workers team

These buildings have taken account of nature and tradition

modern houses wide view
build modern houses workers
modern houses three buildings at night
modern houses construction workers at the top
three modern houses not quite finished

The roof structures are suitable for the local climate

modern houses an example of a frontal view
modern houses a building
modern houses a scaffolding under construction
modern houses a kind of courtyard
modern houses Entrances

The wood is one of the main materials for these modern buildings

modern houses some boards for the base
modern houses ground floor unfinished
modern houses plot of the building
Modern houses with a great tree
modern houses red painted scaffolding

The open sinks offer beautiful views of the fields

modern homes sanitary area
modern houses side view facade
modern houses vertical garden at night
modern houses vertical garden
straw ceiling modern houses

An advantage of these buildings is the short process of their production

meadow and boards modern houses