Modern Facades That Go Beyond The Conventional Scope

The development of technologies is not enough for the good and original architecture. Spiritual and intellectual sources of inspiration also play a major role. Nevertheless, one thing can not be denied: the innovations give the modern architect more and more freedom. Exactly the great facades, which are in a new article of archdaily were shown recently. It is the fabulous facades of some buildings that alone are a reason for Could represent world trip , You can even do this with us now and let a little imagination play along.

The modern façade of this university building is organic and futuristic at the same time

TianJinn Institute at the university facades view

Modern facades that disappear in nature

When you look at such a modern façade as the TianJin Scientific University Institute, the boundaries between nature and art disappear. At the same time, this organic architecture has something futuristic about it that can not be overlooked. The concept is very individual and one might think that this architecture stands for special goals.

It shows a modern scientific perspective on natural science.

This modern pediment facade from the Music Institute is in the Basque Country

View Allende modern houses

The familiar gable forms in a new interpretation

The gable elements are known from many historical buildings of the older architectural epochs. Despite the modern concept, the influence of tradition is recognizable on this façade. The idea here is to pick up a certain striking architectural detail and repeat it several times. A very unconventional way to pay tribute to tradition. In the other pictures below you will find other similar examples.

The facade view from a college in Kufstein, Austria

facade Schreyer paper appearance

Is such an architectural concept serious?

In front of the view of such a modern facade, our limits are stretched in terms of the acceptable. Could one take such an architectural concept seriously? Would a house view reminiscent of crumpled paper inscribe itself into the cityscape? What do you make of it?

This fabulous modern facade is located in Haag (Rijnstraat 8)

Facade view Legnani Cappelletti glass facade

Transparency and deep insight

In many cities, citizens now feel restricted. Many commercial buildings seem to limit our access to natural resources. Metropolitans feel that they have little air and light. Maybe the architect wants to give them back some of this façade? The individual rooms can be seen well from the outside and they look like floating glass boxes.

The modern façade of this building in Thạch Thất shows a typical Asian”green”trend

Facade view Oki modern house

Big growing trees on each floor

The facade at the top consists of square modules – a hip strategy in modern buildings. The sense of transparency and transparency is not that big a priority compared to the previous example. The reason is probably that this building is outside the city. So you feel in the middle of nature and not concentrated.
Exciting aspect here is the planting of several trees within the building, directly on the terraces. More and more architects are resorting to this provocative planning and thus ensuring the inhabitants more closeness to nature and relaxation. By the way, it is no surprise that this building is located in Vietnam (Thạch Thất). The integration of trees into buildings is typical of the Asian architecture of recent years.

This modern façade in Shanghai, China shows inspiration for cultural and artistic exchange

Facade design Ghinitoiu modern

Also, all the other modern facades that you see in this article, in one way or another, break the familiar framework. They do this mainly because they allow the realization of highly individual concepts. These facades contain very strong personal messages. And that’s allowed in such huge dimensions! How is that possible? Probably because we all feel the need to break conventional frames and like to see this realized on our buildings.

Privacy and light seem equally important to the designer of this façade in Malone Chang, Taiwan

facade design diy great

The modern facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art in South Africa

modern architecture Baan frontal view glass facade

This modern façade can be seen in Australia and shows forms of traditional construction

modern houses facade design

Still a modern gable facade – Shanghai, China

great facade design idea

Facade design of the historical museum in Ningbo, China – with reference to tradition

Wang Shu modern architecture China