Modern Architecture Using The Example Of A New Art Institute In Virginia, USA

Modern architecture is usually a decision of the client among several possible alternatives. But when it comes to reopening cultural institutions like an institute for contemporary art, it’s practically the only acceptable choice. Modern concepts have the ability to visualize the meaning and meaning of the building. This has certainly been achieved in this construction concept in Virginia, the USA.

The modules give a view into the inner structure

modern architecture lighting

Modern architecture as a continuity

The harmonious interaction of interior and exterior architecture is crucial for many modern homes. In the present example, it has been represented as a continuity. It was achieved through the continuous facade design with glass windows and walls. Furthermore, one can in large part of the external appearance of the volume of the rooms and their internal distribution divine, regardless of where you look at the building.

The glass walls provide continuity between inside and outside

Modern architecture facade at night

The space distribution inside

The area of ​​the ground floor is more than 1200 square meters. There you have a gallery, a café and a bar. There is also a thematic business that connects to the central forum of the institute. This was what Steven Hall, the architect of the building, called a”thinking field”. The garden is suitable for social gatherings and public programs. On the ground floor there is also an approximately 70 square meter large space for company presentations, performances, lectures and other events.

This modern facade design has a very distinctive and distinctive appearance

modern houses art institute

The first floor of the institute

The first floor of the institute houses many galleries. There is also an adaptable learning lab where interactive activities can be performed. There is also a public terrace here. This also represents one of the 4 green roofs. On this floor there is also a lobby for the visitors, a shop with art, catering kitchen and storage rooms.

The interior design of the institute can be described as artistic

modern architecture interior

The second floor

On the second floor you will find a gallery with 10m high doors. The administrative and sanitary facilities are also housed here. However, there are some offices also on the lower floors.

From this perspective you can see the modern design of the roofs

bird's eye view modern architecture

The architects seem to have fulfilled their goal. They wanted to create a flexible, future-oriented architecture. This should stimulate, facilitate and at the same time symbolize positive processes. And above all, this example proves that building is also an art and not just an instrument!

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