Modern Architecture And Its Six Main Trends

Architecture has the unique ability to inspire and define our everyday lives. This is done on a non-verbal level, often even on a level of symbolism. In recent decades, we observe a rapid development of modern architecture. This has led to very diverse results. Architects and clients have more and more freedom to use modern architecture to express their own understanding of culture, society and the role of personality in them.

Construction in a minimalist style – probably the most widespread modern architecture

1 Minimalism example - modern architecture

The different trends in modern architecture

As diverse and original as the results from the various construction projects are, it is sometimes difficult to talk about consistent trends. The number of these also increases immensely. However, there are certain tendencies that shape architecture more than others. We would like to highlight six of these.

Our examples are inspiring dream houses and we focus mainly on the facade design. However, these development lines also affect the interior design trends and the public buildings.

Sustainability is a major concern in the construction of modern dream homes

2 sustainability modern architecture


“Less is more” is one of the main rules of modern architecture and actually the lifestyle of many people. Many buildings are characterized by bold and large forms. Typical are still the sharp lines, the shiny metal, the natural materials. Inside, the minimalist architectural style reveals white walls, elegant built-in elements and comprehensive living plans. The selected shades provide a clean, seamless look. This meets the current needs of many modern people. They want to turn their home into a relaxed retreat.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are particularly popular in southern countries

3 glass walls of modern architecture

Modern architecture and sustainability

A modern home does not have to be minimalist to be modern. As modern architecture you can actually designate all buildings that are sustainably built. The buildings should comply with current ecological standards. Intelligent use of energy is very popular. Many modern buildings now include their own sources of energy. Accordingly, contemporary architects should have a broad knowledge of passive and active sustainable housing strategies.

Modern glass walls often blur the boundaries between inside and outside

4 glass walls of modern interior architecture

glass walls

We observe a broad application of floor to ceiling glass walls. They are very popular both in private and public buildings. This type of wall design creates a very noticeable modern feel. In addition dadruch penetrates a lot of natural light in the interior. It opens up wonderful views of beautiful panoramas. Of course, these facades are slightly more popular in southern and Mediterranean towns. There the weather is warmer for longer and therefore heating during the cold seasons is not a big problem.

The mix of textures and materials is also typical of modern architecture

5 modern architecture with mix of different materials

roof gardens

roof gardens are another very important part of modern architectural design. They have a lot to do with the pursuit of sustainability. Once this idea was born, it has gained popularity around the world. Thanks to modern technologies, it is becoming increasingly popular.

Here are some of the main benefits of the roof gardens:

– drainage of rainwater;
– improvement of the properties of the construction;
– environmentally friendly living;
– energy efficiency;
– Noise reduction.

Of course, houses with roof gardens look very attractive from an aesthetic point of view. Especially because the natural look is very much preferred. Incidentally, this applies not only to the suburban, but also to the urban institutions.

Some architecture buildings visually disappear from view

6 invisible buildings modern architecture

Invisible architecture buildings

In general, modern architects are braver than ever before. Of course, that’s what the innovations allow them to do. These can create futuristic structures. A beautiful example of this are the invisible buildings, that is, these, which practically dissolve in the nature through mirror, transformable and transparent materials.

Many dream houses are executed in white or gray

7 fabulous modern architecture in black and white

Architecture has always reflected client philosophy in a visual and symbolic way. However, modern projects are always more individual and therefore more varied. They are a kind of extension of personality and the way it is positioned in modern society. At the same time, the architects strive to bring this to bear on very large as well as smaller projects.

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Modern architecture often combines traditional and modern forms

Exterior facade design in gray and white

Geometric shapes are very topical in the facade design

triangular windows for modern architecture

The futuristic concepts are becoming ever closer to our everyday lives

unique futuristic design - modern architecture

The architecture of the modern age, well-known architectural style from the 20th century, is gladly taken up again and again

Yellow accents on a modern façade design

Graduated facades are particularly popular at the present time

flopped structure - modern architecture

Dream houses in nature often use on their facade the texture of the environment

Wood and panels modern house design

Facades with bamboo and glass spread an East Asian flair

Wooden panels for modern architecture

Vertical gardens are also typical of many modern facades

Wooden terrace and modern building - modern architecture

Modern architecture should bring added value to the environment

loose structure glass and density panels

The extension of the living area to the outside is typical of the modern dream houses

multi-storey architecture with steps with outdoor area

Some residents still prefer sober realism

Modern architecture of brick and wood - with a swimming pool in front

Modern architecture sometimes only really comes into its own at night

modern facade design only made of glass

The balance between private space and openness is a major concern of modern architects

oval building with big windows - modern architecture

Dreamhouses design is often inspired by the ocean

swimming pool with turtles and fish - modern architecture

Dream houses can be like accents in natural landscapes

darkened facade design shot on two

Some façade designs draw inspiration from textiles and ethnic patterns

white and charcoal - two nuances of modern architecture

Perforated facades are also a very popular solution

white disguised modern architecture with wooden elements

The facade and the front garden design must be in harmony

white modern architecture with garden in front of it

Especially interesting is the combination of different roof types

white and brown nuances on a unique facade design

Bright and natural materials do not lose their topicality

White and wood surfaces on a modern facade design

The structuring of the facade by light is another very popular strategy

contemporary facade design with windows