Modern And Universal Garden House By Teatum + Teatum Architects

Teatum + Teatum Architects and their client – the company Noiascape , both from the UK and active in London and the surrounding area, show with their work how much the concept of the garden house has changed in recent years. This is probably because our urban population is growing. You need new habitable buildings, but at the same time you do not want to build the individual houses so close to each other. So instead of changing the current structure, you have to use the already private areas – such as the gardens and courtyards – to create new comfortable living spaces. Or you reorganize existing buildings, as is the case here. The house was built in 2017 and offers 99 square meters of living space.

This modern interior is characterized by warm contrasts

General description of the garden house

This garden shed is part of a chain of new buildings built by Noiascape in the London area. This company builds buildings that show a variety of innovative forms of living. For example, the so-called” One-off houses “, So individual rural homes outside the city.

The latter originated first in Ireland. In addition, the company is engaged in building an innovative urban infrastructure for rented apartments. As part of this line of work, the present garden house is probably finished.

The smooth surfaces dominate

The interior design

The garden house was built especially for renting. One strives to make it adaptable to many different users and their needs. It might as well be used by a couple or by several roommates. The different surfaces and objects serve as a kind of background (or you could even say”scene”) for the lives of the different inhabitants. The building is not new: this is about a reorganized family house , An attic was added and one had attached a garden room. The relatively small area and the integration of the garden area probably also contribute to the definition of this building as a garden shed.

Built-in shelves give the modern interior an individual character

Correct the disadvantages of the existing building

The pre-existing building has no outer areas. For that reason, it was better to define an outer zone that at the same time refers to the natural surroundings. For this purpose, one was forced to define the usual relationship between living and rest areas differently. The bedrooms are on the ground floor and the living rooms have been accommodated there. The common areas are located on the first and second floor. A study and study was also housed on the second floor. So you have plenty of natural light and inspiring views while you work. The spatial organization also shows a lot of flexibility.

Latticed partitions are becoming more and more popular in modern architecture


Just the flexibility features modern homes and ambience , In this case, we have premises that are flexibly connected. Through the smooth transition between the different areas one manages to avoid the cell-like division throughout. The premises are with double function and they show a double height. They are structured in such a way that they partially overlap each other and at the same time make the visual expansion within the premises possible.

In contrast to the living rooms, the cold ones dominate in the sanitary ones

Colored contrasts in the sense of a more intensive nature experience

Rooms show a creative approach to different colored and light-shadow contrasts. They were chosen so that they perceive the environment as intensively as possible. Thanks to the different nuances, on one side and on the other – thanks to the distribution of dark and light colors, clearly distinguish the background and foreground, the darker and the light zones from each other. This creates different zones, thanks to which you can make the most of the natural environment.

A very modern green color was chosen for the bathroom

Decoration with multiple functions

In the execution of the details you put a lot of carpentry. These decorative elements not only decorate the house, but also contribute to the definition of the different areas. The just mentioned contrasts and the separation of the different zones will be even more effective. In every respect, this project is very innovative, even if the applied solutions are quite simple and easy to copy. And it is precisely the combination of these qualities that we can call one of the typical characteristics of modern architecture.

Pictures and text:

Here you can see the contrast between some of the main colors of this modern architecture

All these”neutrals”are very topical

In this modern interior different types of storage space are used

The green frame of the window makes this an accent in the staircase

Here we see a very interesting design of the attic

The use of mesh railings and surfaces helps to spread the light evenly

In the exterior design you can see as many features of the modern interior of this house