Loft Apartment: Over 70 Inspiring Interior Design Ideas

We publish again and again like individual articles about great loft apartments. But somehow we realized that we liked a good overview of Design ideas on this topic is missing. That’s why we offer you one today. Of course loft apartments are very different. When industrial buildings serve as the basis for interior design, they are often quite individual and unique. So one thing can be said with certainty: the design of loft apartments gives the creativity free rein. Furthermore, this style of modern interior design always dominates the rough aesthetics. The open design and the creative ideas for zoning are another very distinctive characteristic. Do we want to take a close look at them?

Loft apartments on several floors have many practical advantages

Gray library loft

Loft apartment with accent on the vertical orientation

Particularly typical are two types of loft apartments. Some have a vertical orientation. In the second case we have a single, but usually very broad floor. In the first variant, the loft apartment represents an apartment on two or more floors.

In this case you have the opportunity for a very interesting interplay of openness and privacy. The stairs as transition areas between the different floors are mostly quite transparent. Often they are designed to make the boundaries between different floors more or less fluent. However, the clever distribution of private and communal spaces on the different floors leads to a very natural separation and thus to the protection of privacy.

In this loft you kept the original rough aesthetics

brown white contrast loft

Practical tips for zoning

If the loft apartment has only one floor, it is usually very wide. In this case, it depends on the very good distribution of the different zones. You have a lot of room for creative solutions. In order for this to work, some practical questions should be considered. The most important of these concern the distribution of light and once again the protection of privacy. The areas for work and food preparation should be closest to the natural light sources. This is especially important from the point of view of health and safety. No matter what creative division you choose, you will find that these practical principles are always of paramount importance. Let’s stay with this topic a bit and look at a few different examples!

And here you can see the clever division of the modern interior through colors

dazzling white accent furniture loft

Designer furniture visually fill the room

A very successful strategy for loft apartments is the establishment of well-chosen designer furniture. They would not have to be that many in number and size. But mostly they visually fill the room by their appearance and the sense of comfort they give. In the picture below, we have a fabulous example as well. A cozy seating set with comfortable leather upholstered seating has been allocated the brightest corner in the apartment. The large designer sofa lies in a slightly darker zone. There is a feeling of well-being that is often needed for perfect relaxation. Other seating is found on the wide round upholstered stool. This is located between the two zones and welds them together.

The lofts often have some bright and some dark zones

comfortable designer oil loft

Various functional areas

A sensible method for distributing the zones in a loft apartment can take the form of designing various functional areas. Such an example we see in the next picture. Here, on the one hand, we have a vast media wall that could serve as both entertainment and visualization of audiovisual projects. But there are also other smaller, clearly separated workspaces within the same space. The storage areas and the seating areas are oriented towards these working zones.

The metal framework welds together the diverse design of this loft

interesting roof design loft

Highlighted by color and light

A very popular and widespread strategy for highlighting different zones in their peculiarity is the selection of different colors for the design of these. In addition, thanks to various types of lighting, they can be clearly separated. The next picture and many others in the photo gallery for our article show procedures in this style.

In some loft apartments, the industrial design is in the background

gable design loft

The role of rough aesthetics

The lofts are housed in former industrial premises. For this reason, dealing with their original aesthetics is a very important factor in achieving individual results. In some cases it takes a back seat and only a few small details are reminiscent of the original function of the building. In many cases, the industrial appeal is transferred to modern designer furniture. So you pay tribute to the original function and show inspiration for this topic. At the same time, the whole thing looks very comfortable and modern. After all, we have just as many cases in which we see a contrast between the industrial and other styles. Discover your favorite project under the examples below!

Thanks to the lighting, you can also highlight different zones in a loft

interesting lighting loft

All zones are different, but everywhere the oval shapes dominate. So the design looks very consistent.

small accents in the modern loft

The transparency makes this loft more spectacular and brighter

contrasts of neutral colors loft

Just like in this fabulous example!

loft on several shot idea
loft striking black accents
loft blue furniture and

In this loft ultra modern and industrial elements are well matched

loft blue and brown colors
loft brown black design
loft wide distribution of the furniture

The gray and white color makes the design sober and at the same time very inviting

loft design un gray white
Loft furnishing in straight lines
loft free ground

The exposed wooden structures make large rooms very cozy

loft exposed roof beams
loft-colored roof beams
loft yellow interior

At the same time, industrial design elements have a warm touch in this loft

Loft yellow chairs interior
loft geometric pattern on a carpet
loft straight and seamless

In this loft apartment we discover soft contrasts of brown and gray

loft smooth surfaces wood look
loft gray white elements
loft bright and sculptural

The natural flood of light makes even the industrial design very pleasant

loft bright furnishings and white furniture
loft light gray furniture
loft in white and wood

The vegetable accents here are both very eye-catching and modern

loft industrial decor with subtle accents
loft industrial wall gray shelves

Thanks to the leather furniture, this loft design looks very masculine and modern

loft industrial style
loft interior design with round shapes
loft more interesting floor plan

The contrasts between different neutrals can also be very attractive

loft fireplace and stairs
loft classic furniture
loft artful design

A well-formed entrance area is very important to many despite the open nature of the lofts

loft long corridor
loft several floors
loft several fabulous zones
loft several seats

In many lofts the lighting comes from the ceiling

Loft pattern in a classic color palette
loft orange accents
loft room to the garden

As we can see, the typical industrial aesthetics will liven up with modern colors

loft rustic ethnic design
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loft sloping roof idea

In many loft apartments, the black and white contrasting interior design is selected

loft black gray furniture
loft black white interior
loft black and brown furniture

This loft apartment is particularly strong on its design concept

loft floating ideas
loft very economical device
Loft table next to the window

Pop art is often chosen for the modern decoration of loft apartments

loft great regal interior
loft great brick walls
loft great accent green

Thanks to the integration of mirror surfaces, a room can also look brighter and more comfortable

loft great diy design
loft great wood design
loft tropical mood

Corresponding shapes like these of the window frames and the shelf wall here make the design of loft apartments more uniform

loft many blue elements
loft white interior
loft zoning through carpets
several colored accents loft

Artistic-looking decoration ideas are just as popular in loft design

modern colored furniture loft
red and blue accents loft
round bed in the middle loft

Seamless modern appearance for loft design. A very good choice.

very bright neutral loft
Great distributed tables loft
great white furniture loft

Multifunctional partitions are ideal for large lofts

transparent design loft
playful dealing with zones loft
warm wooden elements loft

The loft design is certainly suitable for anyone who wants to plan creatively!

white design on several levels loft
zoning with furniture loft
bathroom sink loft