Inspiration For Modern Houses: White House In São Sebastião, Brazil

How far could you travel to discover a great role model for modern homes? Here is our answer: There are certainly inspirations for your project all over the world. This proves our next example of modern architecture: The White House – a concept of Studio MK27 in Brazil, could certainly arrive in many other places very well. The house was built in 2014, but many the integrated trends are still up to date.

The house is seamlessly integrated into the environment

Swimming pool and modern facade design Brazil

Modern houses and the contemporary concept of comfort

Marcio Kogan and Eduardo Chalabi are the two architects of this project. It was executed in the name of their joint Studio MK27. In her opinion, comfort and building maintenance are two fundamental aspects that must be considered in modern homes.

There are specific challenges in different parts of the world. In tropical countries and coastal areas you have to expect high temperatures and humidity, as well as the effect of the sea breezes. How to master this can be seen wonderfully from the White House project in Brazil. The building is located on the Brazilian coast in the province of Sao Paulo. The climate there was largely predictive of the materials used and thus – for home aesthetics.

Modernity and comfort are equally represented thanks to the materials

View courtyard modern houses

The perforated doors provide a good climate and protect privacy

Mobile room divider interior design idea

Modern facade design

All rooms have floor to ceiling window frames. From the appearance, they are strongly reminiscent of sliding doors. They are very practical from a functional point of view because they provide a pleasant climate and at the same time almost completely eliminate the visual boundaries between inside and outside. For example, the living room on the ground floor has 3.0 x 2.5 meter glass windows. Built into the wall, they integrate the interior into the balcony. Provide cross ventilation with the intention of reducing the room temperature. In the same room you have perforated wooden doors and thus you can interlock the interior, without stopping the wind completely.

Open stairs connect the different floors

Ground floor open modern interior

Modern but very practical interior

Almost all living spaces are located on the ground floor. Even the kitchen with a view of one of the laterally landscaped gardens is no exception. The sanitary areas, which include a few bathrooms, are also on the first floor. Finally, we have a garden terrace on the roof. These can be reached by stairs and entered through well-protected drum doors.

The nuances of the interior correspond with the natural environment

Dining room outside modern houses

Materials that provide warmth and openness

Many modern homes benefit from the wide use of metal. The present project is no exception. However, it has been added to these warm materials, creating a very cozy atmosphere. Concrete, white aluminum and wood were combined here. The style achieved could be described as tropical minimalism influenced by Brazilian modernism.

The boundaries between inside and outside disappear on the ground floor

Dining room interior design modern houses

Current questions of modern architecture

This example could be used to discuss many topics of modern architecture. On the one hand, there is always the harmonization of modern comfort and the feeling for nature. Furthermore, we are always looking for solutions that make our apartments very modern, but at the same time cozy and familiar. After all, this is a fabulous role model for regional adaptation of world-wide and modern architectural styles. So modern houses on the whole globe have something in common, but also unique at the same time.

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Cool and warm – a contrast that comes in many different levels in this concept

Wood and concrete modern interior design

Overall, the whole house looks very bright and open

Interior design with wide floors modern architecture

Discreet colors stand out very much against the neutral background

Kitchen counter and wood modern interior design

The access to the roof is transparent, but also well protected

Lichtgaden modern architecture interior design
Furniture furnishings modern houses terrace
Modern architecture between house and garden
modern fasade design houses

In this room you can see the variety of materials used

modern houses interior design inspiration
Modern interior design lattice wall
modern living room interior design idea
Nature modern houses facade design
Open plan living modern interior design

The details of the interior design radiate stability and comfort

Room divider modern interior design wood
Sanitary facilities modern interior design
Terrace modern houses view of nature
Stairwell and lamp modern interior design

Openness and transparency dominate both inside and out

White chair modern interior idea
White living room modern interior design
White house facade design modern
living room brown gray open living room

Typical regional details are obligatory part of modern houses

Living room media wall modern houses
Two colors modern facade design