Innovative Elements For Modern House Construction

Trends for modern house construction

Do you want to build a modern house? Here are the latest architectural trends from last year.

The online magazine Dezeen has made a summary of the latest architectural trends in 2016. Let’s look at what development lines have become particularly established. They are, of course, also forward-looking for this and the next year. The current trends affect both interior and exterior design.

Minimalism in the interior design

Minimalism was the most popular trend in interior design in 2016. It was represented everywhere. This style is selected for private homes as well as offices and public spaces.

Minimalism can also be called the global tendency. No wonder, because this offers a clear standard, which simplifies the adaptation to new cultural circumstances.

Minimalism became a standard in 2016

House Construction Design Minimalusmus Interior

Be minimalistic also when building houses

House Construction Architekturtrends Design Exterior Minimalism House

An office design in the minimalist style

House Construction Architekturtrends Design Interior Minimalism Office

Prefabricated houses

Again, the global need for more flexibility can not be overlooked. The prefabricated wooden houses of the highest quality give you more freedom when choosing the right place to live. Above all rural housing is made possible by the best possible conditions.

Invest in prefabricated house, it is worth it!

House Construction Architekturtrends Design Exterior Fertighaus

This kind of prefabricated houses gives more freedom when selecting the appropriate place of residence

House Construction Architekturtrends Design Exterior Finighaus Modern

Shared living

Living and working together gain new premises within our modern life – in the direct and transcendent sense of the word. Unlike in the past, however, much more space is now left for individual preferences. Residential buildings, which reflect them both inside and outside, are currently very modern.

Shared living has been very modern for years

House Construction Architekturtrends Design Exterior Shared living

Secluded buildings

The opposite trend to the one just described is the building of buildings for individual living, remote from the stress of the big city. We prefer to build our houses not only in the countryside, but in the middle of nature. Often we try not to affect the beauty of this. Neutral materials and colors are used – mainly wood and glass. The first gives a direct connection with nature and the second – reflects its beauty.

Build not only in the countryside, but also in the open countryside

House Construction Architekturtrends Design Exterior Secluded house

A neutral design is not a problem, the main thing is individual living

Hausbau Architekturtrends Design Exterior Remote house example

Shou Sugi Ban Wood

This term describes Japanese techniques for the longer storage of wood quality. The wood material treated according to these techniques gets a very interesting dark color. This technique was first used on large public buildings. Now she is seen all over the world and in different buildings.

In the meantime, more and more architects and builders are increasingly interested in the technology of charring

Housebuilding ArchitectureTrends Design ExteriorHuman Shou Sugi Ban Wood Modern

Shou Sugi Ban Wood – a traditional technique from Japan

House Construction Architecture Trends Design Exterior Holy Shou Sugi Ban Wood

Shou Sugi Ban is a method to make wood durable and protect it from weathering.

House Construction Architecture Trends Design Exterior Holy Shou Sugi Ban Wood Winter

Expansion of the existing space

Various methods and procedures for the expansion of the existing living space are being sought. The creative, loosened interior design is part of it. Walls are broken and glass is used very widely. A high value is placed on the provision of interesting perspectives and the exciting interplay between privacy protection and the open view.

A creative extension of space

House Construction Architekturtrends Design Exterior Interior House Extention Extension

The glass extension provides an interesting perspective

House Construction Architekturtrends Design Exterior Interior House Extention Extension Trend

Studios in the backyard

Creativity is recognized by more and more people as a means against stress and loss of personality. That’s why the different forms of art are gaining in popularity. A separate studio – whether for DIY art and other purposes – is now part of the lives of many more people. It has proved to be particularly modern and practical to build such a studio or small house in the backyard.

A private studio in the backyard? Why not?

House Construction Architekturtrends Design Exterior Studio in the backyard

Elegant skyscrapers – slender construction of skyscrapers

The skyscrapers continue to be a need and passion for many architects and city planners. But they are becoming more and more elegant and are dominated by irregular, futuristic forms. This is another trend, which was particularly strong in 2016.

A very elegant trend is the slim design

Hausbau Architekturtrends Design Exterior Slim house