Helpful Ideas For Your Dream Apartment

Dream apartments – they all have in common

One and the same apartment could be the most beautiful for a person and for another – a nightmare. But not everything is a taste. There are some connecting characteristics of all the dream apartments. So we think at least. Look at our list of such great features and maybe share your opinion.

Open and balanced floor plan

Have a look at a few dream apartments. Surely most of them have an open floor plan. In modern concepts it has many advantages. For example, the effect of a beautiful view can be better enjoyed. The apartment is brighter and more modern.

It is also typical that the floor plan is balanced. Either he shows regular lines or he has been balanced by color and various objects.

This, along with a harmoniously planned interior furnishings, ensures a feeling of luxury and balance, even if the equipment is not too expensive.

A dream apartment does not necessarily have an open floor plan and this does not always show harmonious lines. But surely one has achieved the feeling of openness and luxury with other means.

With an open design your apartment looks much brighter

Dream interior design interior design trends ideas life style open design

Wide kitchen worktops

Our lifestyle has evolved over the course of many centuries. But one thing has not changed: the kitchen is the heart of every apartment. There in modern dream apartments at the same time for healthy eating, entertainment with friends and family and simply for enjoyable coffee breaks.

The wide kitchen area, which makes all these activities possible and thus motivates us, belongs to the kitchen equipment in every dream apartment.

Get the perfect working surface in the kitchen

Dream apartments interior design interior design ideas life-style bread kitchen

Separate storage room

The design of a dream apartment must touch all senses. The aromas belong to it, and also these, which come from tasty dishes. The healthy cooking belongs to the beautification of the atmosphere of the dream apartments. This always puts change in advance. For this reason, you need a separate storage chamber. This would also provide for more order in the kitchen shelves. This contributes to the seamless appearance of the apartment and thus to the dreamlike atmosphere.

For more order the separate storage space is the advantage

Dream interior design interior design trends ideas living room storage space

kitchen island

The kitchen island belongs to the modern dream apartment, first, from a purely aesthetic point of view it is simply part of the modern kitchen furniture. The presence of a kitchen island always enhances and modernizes the interior design. Secondly, it is very practical, offers plenty of storage space and adapts perfectly to every kitchen floor plan.

Every kitchen looks much more modern with a kitchen island

Dream interior design interior design trends ideas life style width furnishing

As much space as possible

Even if you do not believe that you have many items, it is absolutely certain to us: you will need the maximum amount of storage space to put everything in your home! Above all, one does not live in a dream apartment for a short time and so gather many objects. The wide storage space always ensures more order and seamless look at home.

However, the storage space must be installed very intelligently. Look for creative ways to integrate it without reducing your footprint.

You will certainly need a large storage space

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Large bedroom with its own walk-in closet and luxurious bathroom

Dream apartment without a huge and beautifully furnished bedroom? Is anything at all possible? Certainly not. And your beautiful bedroom will certainly include a walk-in closet and a luxurious bathroom, right? It is important that you ensure the perfect relaxation and also correspond to the rest of the interior fittings.

In 2016 the walk-in wardrobes have become particularly popular

Living room interior design ideas interior design ideas lifestyle lifestyle walk-in closet

Terrace or veranda for summer entertainment

The dream apartment gives us a sense of freedom. The entertainment in the outdoor area must necessarily be possible. Therefore, dream apartments always have a terrace or veranda. Their size is not so crucial, but the comfortable design. A beautiful view of the green lawn or the whole garden landscape is also a must. If you can not meet both conditions, then you should grow on the terrace numerous green room and garden plants.

Spend most of your time on your trendy terrace every summer

Dream interior design interior design trends ideas lifestyle terrace

Energy efficient construction and facilities

In a dream apartment we should live with a pure conscience. So we should think about the environment. Modern dream apartments are therefore always energy efficient built or renovated and furnished. So you live more cheaply and the apartment pays off over time.

It almost always costs. So save and modern look is our tip

Dream interior design interior design trends ideas lifestyle energy efficiency

The open floor plan of an apartment is particularly advantageous

Dream interior design interior design trends ideas lifestyle

You should have enough space in your bedroom

Dream apartments interior design interior design ideas living room large bedroom

The wide storage space always ensures more order and seamless look at home

Dream apartments interior design interior design ideas living space storage space

The summer time will look different with a cozy veranda

Dream interior design interior design trend ideas living room veranda

The perfect kitchen island: combination of black and metallic

Dream interior design interior design trends kitchen island

The aesthetic view of your kitchen island is guaranteed

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