Great Roofs – Gable Roof As Accent In Modern Homes

great roof fogGreat roofs

The decision on the shape of the roof is an architectural way of the cross.  If you ask a child to paint a House, you would get its culture independently similar results – walls, entrance door and a gabled roof. Modernist parents would tell her 3-year-old child, that the roof is not necessarily wrong and the flat roof symbolizes the progress in the architectural world. The angular lines but provide protection that gives the impression of a House. How can you integrate this element in a contemporary world? Actually, many architects have already discovered this way of the cross.

Impressive architecture

great roof snow wood

Often, we look at the roof and the walls as separate elements of the House. The first step to break from the traditional is the seamless connection between these elements.The wood cutting board on two levels and the asymmetry of the Gables on this picture accentuate the contemporary nature of the building.

Provide the modern exterior of your House

great roof white and blue

As a way to connect the upper structure with walls, consider the space under the vaulted ceiling. The wood on the underside of the roof continues in the balcony, as an extension of the General form.

Wooden elements are often used in the design of the roof

great roofs of wood architecture

The House Panel with overlapping Bretten metal runs from the roof into the walls of the House, so no eaves plate is necessary and a sculptural form.

great roofs grass House

The brightly colored edge accentuates the contrasting blackened on wood that covered the roof and the front – lines of the House. A rectangular part of a wall can be folded backwards, so that is blurred the boundary between outdoor and Interior and the roof shape retains its gable.

great roofs wood grey sofa

A similar pattern can make dialogue between two different materials for the roof and walls, such as the standing seam metal roof and the smooth Hardie panels with FIR laths. The bright colors of the two materials emphasize the surfaces.

great roof wood House

Similar size and texture can also help, that is the roof in accordance with the walls, like in this gable roof House. The minimum eaves and large Windows bring a contemporary twist on the traditional form.

great white roof architecture

The inseparable connection between the roof and walls can be continued in the Interior. The insertion of the same material in the roof and the walls accentuate the shape of the room.

great roof lighting

A bowl of wood panel defined this cheerful contemporary home. The external veranda seems as shadow of the building, simulating their shape and material.

The bold shape that can afford a gabled roof accentuated the covering of the entire façade in a color.

The materials of the roof and the walls can serve as a veil. A thin metal section covered the gable and the openings in the metal also betray the room. Wood end elements accentuate the gable roof.

All have shown these architects, modern and traditional architectural elements can be combined.

And, what do you mean? Can you imagine a contemporary gabled roof for your home?

Peter A. sellar – architectural photographer, Olsen Studios, Nick Noyes architecture, Coop 15 architecture, Kentaro Kurihara, Johnston of architects