Great Nature Roof Design: A Real Oasis Of Roof

great natural roof design with large pool

Great nature roof design

The well-known designer Traci Cavender thinks that practical design must not mean sacrificing personal style. The pool House of her a green infinity pool is created. Its lively roof is a sustainable solution and it includes a terrace landscape that can drain away rainwater into the ground. The roof garden is perched high, bright Windows and he looks as if he would be a floating carpet of beautiful Sonnenhüten, Daisy and native grasses – it’s like a piece of meadow. From the main house, the pool house disappears almost, that shows only a rich carpet of vegetation is unbroken by draining or pipes. With more than 25.4 centimetres from the ground, the roof garden mimics the natural way of the Earth to absorb the rain water; Drain holes cut into the metal frame, which anchor the garden, look like a ship, so let excess water drain away. Great, isn’t it?

A beautiful apartment with panoramic Windows and sliding doors

great natural roof design glass sliding doors wooden

The stair comes to life through the many green plants

great natural roof design marble staircase with green plants

For true flower lovers

great natural roof design many colorful flowers

Norway style pur

great natural roof design Norwegian style

Lush as in the tropics

great natural roof design lush green the garage from above resembles a summer meadow great natural roof design perfect for the garage

Great composition for a self-built house with outdoor swimming pool and fireplace

great natural roof design with large pool and fireplace

Hilly with many round Windows – by Landezine

great natural roof design hilly with many round Windows

An exciting, futuristic creation

great natural roof design futuristic and exciting