Dream Home For A Family With Two Children From Sidney

In this article, we introduce you to a dream home in the southern districts of Sidney. From here opens a beautiful view of the harbor , The unique structure rises above an irregular floor plan and borders a narrow street. The plot poses a great challenge to the architect. Part of it was the stone slope at the front and the sandstone cliffs at the front and back.

Modern façade design with a balance between privacy and openness

Dream house with a great staircase

What did the contract for this dream house include?

The main purpose of the construction was to create a family house with a beautiful view and at the same time a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Other priorities were the natural light and the pleasant atmosphere. The existing tennis court in the southern part should be maintained.

This included a gazebo. This should be renovated and expanded.

The glass entrance matches the style of the modern façade design

Great dream house made of stone

The basic idea of ​​the concept

The plan for the architecture was mainly to have two pavilions around a central courtyard. This should make the transition between the indoor and outdoor areas very fluid. The access to light to the two pavilions should be made possible both from the east and from the west. A large distance was achieved from the neighboring house to the south. So you have another view and greater inflow of natural light. Accordingly, the building was extended as far west as possible. The narrow space in front of the entrance was unfolded. For this purpose, a part of the rock block located there has been worked on. Broad concrete steps follow the shape of this and lead to the entrance.

The flowing transitions in the interior – a typical modern architectural feature

Dream house transition between two rooms

Internal distribution of the premises

On the ground floor of this dream house we find a mixture of formal and informal spaces. They were distributed on different floors. The ground floor also has a covered terrace. In addition, there is a pool. On the ground floor are the parents’ rooms. Their positioning has been taken to make the most of the northern view. On the first floor are the children’s rooms. The existing tennis pavilion was in one guesthouse remodeled. A second level was added and housed there – fitness room.

Wood and modern materials are combined in the interior and exterior space

beige - great dream house

The result

The main goal of this architectural concept is obviously fulfilled. The good communication with the clients has contributed a lot to this. The customer himself had a good basic knowledge of shapes and distribution of space. Both sides were open to discuss every single detail. The seamless appearance of the interior design is due to the natural colors of the materials used. All materials are in dark shades. This applies to wood, metal and stone.

Black plays an important role in the architecture and the choice of furnishings

dining room in gra and beige dream house

The neutrals dominate in all aspects of this dream house concept

Dream house - great living room in gray

Traditional and ultramodern ideas in combination

Dream home comfortable furniture

The facade of the dream house is decorated by an interesting staircase

Dream house green meadow and stairs

Beige and black shape the atmosphere of the dream house in this room as well

Dream house with a great bathtub

Straight lines are typical of all areas of modern architecture and design

Dream house modern minimalist colors
Dream house beautiful interior
Dream house great view from the top

Many elements of the architecture correspond with the environment

Dream house great swimming pool
Dream house white sink
white bathroom dream house