Attractive Eko House With Stunning Views Over The Pacific Ocean

attractive Eko House with outdoor pool

Attractive Eko House

Sunny California weather, the beaches, the fun and all the “glory” – people think that, if there was a paradise, then it would look like! A beautiful House comes with such a beautiful look. And if you have a beautiful house near the Pacific Ocean, where the breeze is knocking at your window and you feel the sand under your feet in the morning, when you go out for a walk, then you are a lucky person.

We present you a House, not only in Montecito (Butterfly Beach) is located, but is built from eco-friendly materials and considered that a sustainable LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) Platinum Certified House is. This eco-friendly Luxury House was by Maienza-Wilson interior design + architecture designed.

Much grass on the roofs ensure extra freshness in summer
attractive environment House much grass on the roof

The House consists of three different blocks: the main house, the garage and the Schwimmbadhaus. Green grass is planted on the roof of the garage and swimming pool. The main building is surrounded by a wooden deck, associated basically with the Schwimmbadhaus (the ideal place for a good book and a bitter sweet icy cocktail).

The Interior is airy and connected to the outside by wooden floors. The sliding Windows allow better air circulation and a relaxed environment. Neat and elegant, a certain “sandy beach” is respected everywhere white and Brown design line, with warm shades of beige. On the upper floor you have great views of the Pacific Ocean. Well, what do you think of this House, you like just as well we us?

Large open balcony and rooftop solar system

attractive eco house wooden floorboards terrace and white Chair

Stylish Pavilion and pool – all with wooden floors

attractive Eko House outdoor pool stylish Pavilion

Seamless transition between Pavilion, outdoor pool and Feng Shui garden

attractive Eko House outdoor pool stylish Pavilion Feng Shui

Floor to ceiling sliding door and beige bright nuances for the bedroom

attractive Eko House beige shades Raumhohe bad the window

Great oval tub and pastelgrüne tile

attractive eco house design tub in white

Lava sand and white Fabric sofas

attractive Eko House dark sand and wise sofas

Gelochtenes outer gate and palm trees

attractive Eko House entrance gate

Asian flair – light walls and lots of wood

attractive Eko House garage and building Asia flair

A little Feng Shui Garden on the balcony gives you clarity

attractive Eko House small Feng Shui garden

The oval hanging lamp made of cardboard complemented through the wall window leak light

attractive Eko House oval hanging lamp and wall window

Bamboo fits perfectly to the Pavilion and provides relaxation after a sunbath

attractive Eko House stylish Pavilion colorful pattern pillow

The covered terrace with white chairs – aesthetics and comfort

attractive Eko House covered balcony

Sand and white – very classic and elegant

attractive Eko House warm sand color all-in-one

Cream colors and Hazel furniture – a perfect evening of television

attractive Eko House living room in cream colours and balcony In the background

Effect optical cooling marble hump shiny ovals

attractive Eko House two-stage Studio marble shiny camel