At BAUFIX It Means: Turning Movies And Winning Prizes!

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The highest playing class in German football attracts tens of thousands of fans every year and tear the football enthusiast audience into an incomparable emotionsstrudel! The first Bundesliga guarantees you and your friends a real adrenalink!

Now the wood and construction company BAUFIX offers you a unique opportunity: in addition to the numerous exciting moments at the football match, you can become a real star in the stadium: Bring your thoughts on a specific theme or simply your fun moments on the live screen in the stadium And share it with the thousands present! One thing we can promise you: everyone will see your video, which will be one of the highlights of the evening; In addition, there are other prizes for the winners!

If so, then right To renovate the house!

Movies rotate house

The team at BAUFIX shows you how to make a video right! let’s Party hard Is called in the short film of the company – when the women travel, the men may celebrate liberally! But what about the consequences of a banging house party when the woman returns home the next day? Do not worry – this is BAUFIX!

Filming – just having fun without thinking about the consequences!

Our guys will show you how to deal with such a situation! The Facebook post by BAUFIX With its over 3,000 Likes reveals the right strategy for a fast, efficient and cheap house conversion and a clever house renovation! In addition, you will see more application videos, how everything can be easily and sensibly refreshed and brought back to zack! By following the exciting action schedule and the adventures of the boys, you will get useful information about how the whole house can be restored to its best state without unnecessary hassle and frills! The renovation of the house has never been so effective and time-saving. BAUFIX combines the pleasant with the useful, the concept of the company merge fun and work to a whole!


Give yourself to the exciting moments completely and let your desires effortlessly fulfill! Instead of dreaming of a real house renovation at a fair price, you take the thing into your own hands and realize your plans! With BAUFIX at your side everything runs like lubricated!

The company also has great prizes and wants to give you emotional moments to remember.

make a movie – If, then right!

Movies turn time enjoy

BAUFIX organizes a Great film competition For those of you who like to shoot films, upload them and win great prizes! The videocontest runs under the motto If so, right! And encourages you to show your own interpretation of these words from your personal flashpoint. Among the ten best videos with the most likes on March 31, 2017 at 10:00 am, an independent jury will decide on the winner from place one to five. Among other things, there are tickets for the 29th Bundesliga matchday. Your video could also be designed as a kind of advertising to present your ideas and suggestions to the big audience and to convey your own message to the world! A 49-inch LED TV allows the big winner to take home with you!

Ultimately, only one thing counts: Carpe Diem – enjoy correct The day and the moment!

When movies turn, then join this task real Dedication!

If celebrate, then it correct make strong!

When renovating the house, then use it by using BAUFIX correct do!

BAUFIX stands for efficient and fast house renovation!

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