An Elegant Austrian House – It Has A Beautiful View Of The Lake And A Minimalist Interior

elegant Austrian House architecture glassAn elegant Austrian House – it has a beautiful view of the Lake and a minimalist Interior

We present today an elegant Austrian House on the Lake with a striking structure. It is designed by Spado architects. The residence is located in a beautiful natural location, Carinthia, Austria. The architecture exudes remarkable individuality. The green surroundings and the quiet lake enchant the visitors.

The House is located in Carinthia, Austria

an elegant Austrian House stone window

A wonderful view on the Lake

an elegant Austrian House window Lake

Stunning exterioran elegant Austrian House exterior

You want to live here?

elegant Austrian House Lake tree

The residence has three floors with ceiling-to-ceiling Windows. Glass is used in this extravagant. Sliding glass doors and the open design ensures the airy atmosphere in the House. Glass walls link the inside and the outside world. The street facade is made of concrete. The House offers much privacy and tranquility.

An elegant Austrian House – which is it?

1. a beautiful view of the Lake

2. a minimalist Interior

3. neutral color palette

How do you find the lighting in the residence?

an elegant Austrian House night lighting glassthe modern elegant kitchen

The living room offers peace and relaxation the owners an elegant Austrian House kitchen sink lighting

couch leather Braun Tisch elegant Austrian House Lakebright color palette in the bathroom

an elegant Austrian House bathroom sink white shower

A spacious interior and a breathtaking extravagant patio characterize the House. A living and dining area, a modern kitchen and luxurious bathroom ensure the well-being of the owner. Interior neutral color palette, nice lighting and plush decoration can be seen. The clear lines are typical of the interior design. To see the luxurious neutral minimalist furnishings? The brown leather couch in the living room offers the residents much comfort.

Greenery is inviting

elegant Austrian House exterior

The building is truly remarkable.

Do you love nature?

an elegant Austrian House forest

How do you like this residence in Carinthia?  An elegant Austrian House – parts us your comments with!

A beautiful view of the Lake and a minimalist Interior

elegant Austrian House Lake plants

elegant Austrian House by strong identity draws from the Houseglass walls link the outer and inner world an elegant Austrian House glass window

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