5 × 12 Home: Modern Architecture From Vietnam Takes The Best Of Old Building Tradition

Below we show you a very new project from the architecture studio” Toob Studio “. This dream house and example of modern architecture was built this year – 2018. It offers 100 square meters of living space and is located in tt. Trâu Quỳ, Vietnam. The dream house combines many contemporary features of modern residential architecture and also refers to the regional tradition. How this is to be understood in detail, we want to determine on the basis of closer examination.

This kitchen and modern interior has both modern and traditional elements

everything from wooden modern architecture

Modern architecture with clear structure and flowing transitions

If we observe the elevation and the layout of this modern dream home, we realize that at the same time there is a fluid transition between the different rooms and a very clear structure. Combining these two properties is typical for contemporary construction and observes in buildings all over the world.

The premises are clearly separated on the one hand, but they overlap both in the vertical and in the horizontal direction. This, and the fact that most of the rooms open on the one side through a glass wall to the outside, one gets the feeling of flexibility.

The organic furniture matches the seamless style of this modern architecture

modern architecture dining room organic

Light and shadow, contrasts

The one dream house facade is completely glazed. This guarantees the inflow of much natural light into the interior. There we discover a change between dark and light zones. The aforementioned natural light brings out the contrast between them quite well. The distribution of the lighted and the slightly darker areas is not random – it defines different zones of restraint or rest and those dedicated to active life.

Flexibility and openness characterize this modern interior and exterior architecture

traditional ideas modern architecture

Providing the traditional buffer zone

This example of modern architecture is very well suited to incorporate in a contemporary concept some typical features of traditional architecture. And it is precisely the variety between private zones and those with an open character that is of crucial importance. Therefore, we conclude with a specific aspect within this theme: In this example of modern architecture, one has the so-called buffer zone. This is an area that is typical of the traditional Vietnamese building tradition and is often neglected in the modern Vietnamese building tradition. But getting it is essential: in modern life, one wants to keep one’s own identity as one evolves. Preservation of traditional zones and rest in the framework of modern comfort corresponds to this attitude within architecture. And here the perfect balance has been achieved in this regard.

Pictures and text:

Despite the many furniture enough Lauffäche in the interior

modern architecture a lot of tread

The furniture and accessories correspond in shape and color

modern architecture living room

Grid floor or ceiling – an innovation in modern interior design

modern architecture mirrored floor design

… that adds too much transparency and light!

modern architecture gray bin wall

The hall is also designed according to the rules of modern interior design

Modern architecture corridor decoration and lights

The different rooms are interconnected in many ways

modern architecture hallway and stairs

Modern architecture strives for transparency and inflow of natural light!

Modern architecture white wall in the corridor

Wood is used in the stairwell, as well as in many other places in the interior

modern architecture the stairwell below

The creative modern interior makes this architecture ideal for children too

modern architecture great corner

The little ones have a lot of play possibilities

modern architecture playgrounds for the children

Rooms with high ceilings are typical of modern architecture

Modern architecture media wall in the living room

This bedroom design has a seamless look

modern architecture bedroom furniture

The glass shapes one of the two modern facades of the dream house!

modern architecture insight from the outside

Floating terrace with bars – such a great solution!

modern architecture lattice terrace