14 Different Cottages For Every Mood

different cottages Black ForestDifferent cottages for every mood

Do you dream to live in a cottage? Do you maybe want cottage with its own character a charming stone cottage, a House on the coast, or a comfortable vintage? We would like to introduce then these 14 cottages you, so that you gather great ideas for your next home project.

Warm and stylish atmosphere on the terrace

different cottages wooden chair table tree

Renovated. This cottage was in a total State of disrepair, one could think only of ripping and then new. The owner Ian McLeod and Kerry Johnson have seen it but their perfect escape. After a thorough renovation the cottage is located became warm and stylish on the island Mayne in the vicinity of Vancouver.

Flowers seem inviting

different cottage lawn tree flowers

2. pensioners friendly. This cottage was built in 1932. Their owners have renovated it, but added a second floor, so that you can live there after retirement. The facade was almost unchanged, but the Interior has been with many personal items as this Bookshelf in the American bottom completely renovated style pictured craftsman (and gained another 55 square meters).

Bookshelves in the American craftsman style

different cottage shelves carpet

Do you dream to live in a cottage?

different cottages Grau Exterior

3. fresh modern. Pam Chandler Fab architecture has helped in the renovation of this cool country house in Austin, Texas. For the design of an open space, a wall between the kitchen and the dining room was torn. The floor was painted in Chartreuse and a back porch was built in addition.

For the design of an open space, a wall between the kitchen and the dining room was torn

different cottage dining room table Chair kitchen island chandelierresidents can relax on the great sofas

different cottages grey wall sofa table yellowmany plants in the environment

different cottages architecture plants

4. English. You would never tell from the pictures that this great English-style cottage is a new construction in the Chicago suburbs. That was the desire of the owner Tim and Dona Lawler, together with the architects, contractors and interior designers have they set up a House, full with authentic details, how to prove it this rounded door and beamed ceilings on the image.

Wood heat gives the dining room

The exterior walls are constructed of stones different cottages table Chair chandelier

different cottages stones Chair plantswooden beams reminiscent of the rustic style

different cottage wood couch pillow

5. Stone country house. The design of this comfortable cottage in Minnesota reminiscent of the historic English country houses made of stone. Has a naturally outdated look Jeff Murpfy Murphy & co. used Design materials used – stone, brick, slate and wood.

The kitchens have wood surfaces

different cottage sink stove kitchen

6 family-friendly. This sweet, little cottage in Venice, California, was built as a temporary solution, so that the owner can save enough for the big project: the main building at the same site for year-round living. The designer Tess Bethune has torn some interior walls and formed a new window to make a 110-square-meter open space in the House. The cheerful, practical House now accommodates a family of four, later will serve as a guest house for visiting relatives.

The gray color palette sets the accent in the living room

different cottages grey sofa shelf fireplace couch tablesee the rustic charm

different cottages white architecture

7. tiny. This tiny 50-square-meter house is located on Sauvie Island, Oregon. The Interior Designer Jessica Helgerson and her family have created a broad, bright and charming look. The family has planned at the beginning, to use it as a weekend home, but then finally moved.

Are mixed here earth tones

different cottages couch shelvesmake for your garden

different cottages garden white

8 sparsely. The cottage in Santa Cruz, California, by the Interior Designer Scarlett Fiona Reed is full of ancient treasures and natural rarities. The 46-square-metre House bears the personal style of its owner. If you have too many flea market finds, find ideas on how you can put them out in a small House here.

The cottage is full of ancient treasures and natural rarities

different cottages white sofa wooden table pillow

The forest is located in the vicinitydifferent cottages forest plants

9 green. The thoughtfully furnished cottage, inspired by arts and crafts, lies in the middle of a forest in British Columbia. The House is packed with green elements, including native wood, floor heating and rain water cisterns. The owner Carol page, formerly University has worked at the Botanical Garden of Alberta has established the landscape around.

Orange dominates in the Kücheninterior

Here residents enjoy rest and relaxation different cottages Orange kitchen Island marble Chair kitchen

different cottages forest staircase

10. Woody. This cottage of look at a lobster fishing port with a classic Maine is located in a pine forest design. Several generations of the family have lived there and very fine renovated it.  The House has retained its rustic character.

The bedroom overlooks the forest

White visually enlarges the living room different cottages window Chair

different cottages Chair table chandelier couch

11 Scandinavian. This fresh, pretty cottage in southern Norway, decorated by graphic designer Jeanette Lund, is a real House. The bright, white walls and the pale floor maximize something valued highly in the long, dark winter hours from Norway long – the light throughout the year. The well-placed splashes of color bring a fun mood.

A fresh, pretty cottage

The colorful architecture impressed the guests different cottages white door flowers

different cottages green yellow Rosa Blau

12 colorful. This House on Vashon Island, Washington, is eclectic and comfortable, with bright and bold façade. Each color has been individually mixed to get the perfect shade. In the courtyard, a vintage is a motorhome by airstream for guests. There are also fruit and orchards, beehives, and a chicken coop.

Plenty of seating are typical of the cottage style

different cottage sofa Orange Chair wood shelvesgrey and white provide the stunning exterior design

Wood completed the rustic design different cottage architecture

different cottages wood kitchen island stool dog

13. on the sea front. This rustic salt shaker House in the historic fishing village of Trinity, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, was built in the year 2001 and blends seamlessly with the landscape. The whitewashed walls make the space look bigger, and the wooden ceiling and beams bring a warm, comfortable feel in the ambience.

Patterned pillows refresh the furnishings in the living room

different cottages white couch cushion lamp

14. on the beach. The Interior Designer Kate Jackson has integrated in this beach cottage in watch Hill, Rhode Iceland a fun, youthful aesthetic. Full with accents, typical of a classical country house, such as the headboard and the fresh white walls, the cottage rug made of synthetic leather, the pressed pillow and the trolley made of bamboo offers surprises, as he relaxed some style.

A cottage on the beach different cottages Chair

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