Village Loft Is Characterized By Simplicity And Upscale Character

The term loft we usually connect with big cities. However, this type of architecture is also suitable for some smaller towns. The following example is located in a village called Mathon in Switzerland , Originally, the converted building was a wooden stable. The project dates back to 2016 and covers an area of ​​150 square meters. It was commissioned by the architecture firms Office Winhov and Office Haratori. Leading architects are Nahako Hara and Zeno Vogel.

“Loft”is a concept for modern comfort in an antique frame

loft interior design insight

Prehistory of the project

At the beginning of the project the wooden stable was in a pretty bad condition. If it had not been replaced or renovated by a new building, a large hole in the middle of the village would have been created after its complete decline. Therefore, the renovation was important for both the private owners and the whole community.

The needs and interests of these two sides must be combined.

The loft does not change the traditional village image

in a village in the snow loft

A loft that has to pass the test of time

If a building plays such an important role in a village’s life, it must be made visible through its architecture. The relationship with the street, the community, the rest of the buildings was crucial. If these harmonize in the long run, then one could argue that the architecture has passed the test of time. At the same time, it is important for the inhabitants that the loft is solid, useful and sustainable. The trends would have to be evaluated very carefully and only then used.

Modern techniques and traditional features are combined in the exterior design

loft boards on the wall

Simplicity and upscale character

The final result of this architectural project largely reflects the most popular lifestyle in such Swiss towns. You love the simple lifestyle and at the same time the high level. In every aspect of life environmental, social and cultural dimensions are included. This is also a great example of many modern village dwellers!

The bedroom combines modern trends for a perfect relaxation

loft lit bedroom

In the bathroom, the industrial features are best shown

loft dark mood

The traditional charm of the village is not lost in this lodge house

loft house interior

Modern facade design? In some sense, yes!

loft rustic facade

Glass and metal play an important role in this interior design

loft beautiful lighting

Accent walls give you a very modern look

loft great room furniture

The authentic look was a major concern with this modern architecture

rustic boards loft

The interior of the loft combines tradition and modern construction techniques

beautiful internal staircase loft

The interior space is extremely modern

great living room furniture loft

Also here you can see it: The modern loft complements the village idyll

from the street loft