Modern Houses – Inspiration From Nova Lima, Brazil

Above all, modern houses must be unique and inspiring. They profit from the technical innovations, thus ensuring the inhabitants as much comfort as possible. At the same time, they must be made to their own needs according to their own needs. This is exactly what we see in the next example from Brazil. The concept of the architect David Guerra could be partly or completely implemented in other parts of the world due to its universal character.

To admire and enjoy nature is one of the main goals of this concept

outdoor courtyard modern houses interior design

Modern houses that harmonize with nature

Today’s project serves as Model for modern houses surrounded by beautiful nature on all sides. It is located in a valley, in one of the beautiful corners of Brazil , The concept offers a view of this in a 360 degree panorama. At the same time they wanted a comfortable and modern interior.

The house should also be suitable for the entertainment of family and friends. Inside, we discover an open space design with free transition from one room to the other. The access to light and fresh air is sufficient. The house has cross ventilation, which can be integrated or insulated. Depending on the case, it can be used privately or shared.

Modern architecture does not exclude the use of traditional patterns

bathroom modern houses build

Harmonious coexistence with nature in the area

Inside the house you also have integrated green areas. They correspond with the surrounding garden and the wide green fields that reach to the horizon. All this gives the feeling of harmony with nature and intensifies the enjoyment of the landscape. This aspect is all the more reinforced by the almost exclusive use of natural materials.

Modern houses always have an elegant and practical kitchen

blue kitchen modern houses interior design

Interior design – between open and private space

On the ground floor there are rooms for entertainment, activities and the operating rooms. As soon as you enter the house, go through four revolving doors. They introduce you to an open and wide space. From here you can see the winter garden, the kitchen, the verandas and the house theater. The last two can be closed. The kitchen is open on all four sides and these each connect to the dining, living room, terrace, and the roof of the swimming pool. The living room itself has been connected to the open gourmet kitchen, the laundry room and the games room, and continues to provide access to the thermal bath, sauna and conservatory.

The conservatory and the Tarresse blur the border between nature and architecture

wide view field building modern houses

The design of the private rooms

As is customary for modern houses, the private rooms are located on the ground floor. In this case, they all have a view of the horizon and each has a private terrace. The largest view has the master bedroom. There is a large walk-in wardrobe and a bathroom with a garden.

In interior design we find many artistic aspects

Passage modern houses interior design

Modern houses like this are often built from traditional natural materials. These are mostly stone, wood, bricks, cement and tiles. The modern appearance is due to straight lines, block-like appearance and wide application of glass surfaces. The color is quite neutral, at the same time a slight contrast to the green environment.
Among other things, this concept should help to keep you awake for the surrounding beauty. The intense experience of nature and relaxation are enhanced by the interior design and decoration. It also uses natural materials and spiritual inspiration such as Tibetan rugs. The warm atmosphere and comfort are sparse, but blue accents are used at key points.

Inside, there is always room for nature in modern houses

glass walls modern houses interior design

When one thinks of private houses, one finds that such concepts should best be built in a place where there are no other houses nearby. However, many of the elements of exterior and interior design can be used in one form or another even in urban contexts. After all, such a project could also be useful for public buildings.

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The lush garden and privacy are of enormous importance to this project

green garden modern houses interior design

The furniture also corresponds to the outdoor area and serves the nature experience

bright room modern houses interior design

Furniture and exterior architecture appear here as if created from a single mold

backyard modern houses interior design

The blue accents in the interior are few, but they are wonderful

wooden modern houses build blue accents
wooden corridor modern houses interior design
wooden house building modern houses
kitchen modern houses interior design
modern houses are building outlook

The wide use of white and green makes the living space comfortable and wide

modern houses build interior decoration
modern houses build black table
modern houses facade design
modern houses interior design view with field
modern houses interior design brown blue

The modern house looks like a part of the natural landscape from this perspective

modern houses interior design street
modern houses interior design great
modern houses interior design staircase hallway
modern houses interior design a lot of elements

The interior corresponds in color to the surrounding nature

open view modern houses interior design
open plan modern houses build
palms courtyard modern houses build
bedroom modern houses build

The swimming pool also acts as an accent in the overall picture

swimming pool palms modern houses interior design
seating modern houses interior design
play table build modern houses
counter modern houses interior design

In detail, the decoration is very sculptural

build a modern home
stairway with grass modern houses interior design
front yard with swimming pool modern houses interior design
front garden modern houses build design
white facade building modern houses

Brown and black provide a neutral and modern effect

home interior modern houses interior design
living room idea to build modern houses
living modern houses build many tables