Resection to culture

Pollen and wind blown seed

The whole SR issue has very little to do with improving the food supply and everything to do with improving the bottom line. North American farmers are realizing how they have been hoodwinked by the bio-tech companies and are starting to fight back.

Contamination of seed stock is common. The financial consequences of "pollen and wind-blown seed" are well documented. What third world country in their right mind would want to put their domestic food supply at the top of the corporate profit foodchain?

Even Zimbabwe and Mozambique will only accept it if the product (corn/wheat) is already milled and has no chance of contaminating their domestic food supply with corporate revenue.

Golden Rice has its own litany of problems, not the least of which are the patent entanglements (over 70) and commercial restrictions. Then there is the reality of whether it will do any good. ...calculations show however, that an adult would have to eat at least 3.7 kilos of dry weight rice, i.e. around 9 kilos of cooked rice, to satisfy his/her daily need of vitamin A from "Golden Rice". In other words, a normal daily intake of 300 gram of rice would, at best, provide 8% percent of the vitamin A needed daily. A breast-feeding woman would have to eat at least 6.3 kilos in dry weight, converting to nearly 18 kilos of cooked rice per day. Could you eat 20 pounds of rice a day?

Until the biotechnology industry comes up with a realistic method of recouping their R&D investments, SR foods will remain off the table in most of the world. Of course, here in North America, the almighty corporate dollar rules the government, so expect to see more corporatization of the food supply.