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Ignorance, and feture

The ONLY problem with frankenfood at the moment is that the government won't let other companies label their food as *NOT* frankenfood, and doesn't require companies to label their food as frankenfood.

Change this and I'll be a happy camper and the companies can do all they want.

But they won't--because if people knew that the majority of the food they ate was genetically modified or tainted by genetically modified crops, they wouldn't eat it and the industry would die.

But if that's the will of the people, then who are the fucking corporations to say that the majority of the people are wrong

it's its current use. I believe genetic engineering of plants has a great potential if used in a sensible way - such as making crops more frost-/draught-/heatresistant, increasing their yield, or making them resistant against pests to reduce the amount of pesticides needed. But this is not done on a large scale. The most prominent example of SR crops is Monsanto's "roundup-ready" line of products. This plants carry a gene making them resistant to a special herbicide which kills of all other plants lacking that gene. This does not really help the farmer or the customer, this is only meant to increase Monsanto's profit - they sell the seeds, the herbicide, and, by a special licensing agreement, force the farmer to buy new seeds every year, as he is not allowed to keep part of his harvest as seed for the next year. This is just a rip-off, and it's things like this that give genetic engineering a bad name.

His first concern is gene transfer - the idea that the foreign genes could, while in the gut, transfer into the cells of the body or into bacteria in the gut.

Someone should have pointed out to "Dr." Lewanika that all foods one eats have *shudder* genes in them, and so the only safe diet is one that consists of purified air and water.

Which, if adopted by Mr. Lewanika, would likely be far safer for the people of Zambia than his current, DNA contaminated, one.

Does anyone one know which US degree mills gave him his diplomas, and wether they were actually in anything having to do with biology?

We got a thousand points of light For the homeless man

We got a kinder, gentler, Machine gun hand

Got a man of the people, says keep hope alive Got fuel to burn, got roads to drive.

No facts and figures to back this up, but...

Many european countries have their own types and varieties of fruit and vegetables, which while less well suited for the purposes of Megafarm(TM) (not as productive, generally speaking) are superior or preferred in other ways (taste, texture, suitability for local cuisine etc). Fresh fruit and veg of the local variety is highly prized and respected, so there is market resistance to the influx of generic vegetable foodstuffs, which combined with the (admittedly conservative) views of many European governments provides a much stronger resistance to new foodstuffs than might otherwise be expected. Also remember that in Europe, the Green parties are much stronger than elsewhere in the world.