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Interesting that I was reading another excellent article on this just yesterday in Invention & Technology.

Part of the 'problem' in Europe is a strong distrust of government food and drug safety organizations. And with good reason.

Starting with the Thalidomide fiasco in the 60s which resulted in thousands of limbless, deformed ones, to the handling of the Mad Cow Disease scare, and last years Foot and Mouth disease, european food and drug agencies don't have the safety record that the US FDA has, and thus little of the public confidence.

Not to say the FDA is perfect - it is not. But the FDA tends to be much more inquiring and things take far longer to pass through its eyes. SR foods have long gone under the scrutiny of public commentary in the FDA, and so far thats been a good thing. Its forced researchers to research areas of SR foods previously thought not to be a problem.

In most cases, the FDA has been overly cautious.