9 Tips For A Perfect Omelette

If you are under pressure and still want to prepare something at home, you often decide for an omelette. This is a saturating, delicious food, which can actually be relatively healthy (if you do not eat it too often!). It is important that it is prepared in high quality, healthy oil and at high temperature so that the eggs do not absorb too much of the fat.

The omelette has a long history. There are indications that this French dish dates back to the 14th century. This is due to his wonderful taste. Learn the nine steps with which you can make the most of it!

With a good omelet it always depends on the ingredients

Omelette healthy ingredients

Look for good products

Look for good products for the omelette. There are many different recipes, but the most popular ones include next to wobble Still cheese, herbs, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, ham.

Leave the eggs at room temperature for a few minutes

Omelette fresh egg temperature

The right temperature of the products

If the eggs have been left in the refrigerator for too long, leave them outside at room temperature for a while. Then the favorite court succeeds you!

With cream or milk, the omelette becomes particularly frothy

Milk or cream for the omelette

Add some milk or cream

Would you like to make a really fluffy omelette? Then you should add some milk or cream. Your egg food reaches a really great texture and tastes a lot better.

For a good omelette you have to stir the eggs frothy

Egg stirring very good

Stir the eggs well

Stir the eggs long enough until all small spots have disappeared. The substance obtained should be frothy and light.

Before adding the eggs, the butter must have reached a good temperature

Butter omelette and beat well

Heat the butter well

The butter should be melted before placing the eggs in the pan. Only then should you add the scrambled eggs.

Egg dish with perfect texture and color

Gourmet omelette lobster

Look for the color

An omelette can burn very quickly. This is because the eggs are a very sensitive product. If you turn a little bit, the beautiful yellow egg can turn into a very brown product.

Omelette cheese broccoli

The garnish

Once the omelette is almost finished, add the garnish. Distribute the products all over the surface before they coalesce.

The matching pan is essential for the good preparation of an omelette

Matching pans omelette

Choose the right pan

The pan is of course also of great importance for the good omelette. Take a small one that has a coated surface.

Transferring to the plate is an important moment

Omelette serving plate

Serve the omelette

The next step concerns the serving of the known egg feed. Transfer them carefully to the plate. Pour the pan slightly so that the food separates from all sides. Keep them above the plate and tilt them so that the omelette gently slips in.

Have you ever missed one or more of these steps during the preparation of the omelette? This simply appearing food is in fact a great art. However, if you manage to follow all these tips, you will be very positively surprised by the fabulous results.

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