Rinse-free WCs: Hygienic And Easy To Clean!

The new innovation is flush borderless wc

What has long been standard in many hospitals and public toilets is also becoming more and more popular for private individuals: rinsed toilettes. These are WC basins, where a round rinse running edge was dispensed […]

Cozy Bathroom For Large Rooms

Bathroom furniture

Cozy bathroom for large rooms Most of us have a small bathroom at home and would like to enlarge this visually. But the opposite – the establishment of a small bath – is also an […]

The Practical Setting Of Your Bathroom

Italian bathroom with mirror deco

Latest bathroom ideas for tight spaces Smaller living spaces lead us to the fact that we also have limited space in the bathroom. Consider this”problem”from a new perspective. A small bathroom can be converted completely […]

Modern Bathroom And The Trends For 2017

Bathroom design modern bathroom

These trends characterize the stylish bathroom in 2017 The bathroom has long since laid aside as a functional wet cell and belongs in the modern household to the rooms, where well-being and a harmonious atmosphere […]

Modern Bathroom Furnishings – Trends For 2017

Bathroom Design Trends High Tech Bathroom Smart TV

The latest trends for your bathroom furnishings In 2017 designers are already recommending minimalism and simplicity. Just as in the last few years, the stage would now be set free for interesting accents. High-tech facilities […]